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Ok! It's time for another installment of STEEMSKATE, the weekly skate contest on Steemit.
Every week, we have skateboarders from all over the world coming together here @web-gnar.
SBD is rewarded for best video edit, most hilarious, and gnarliest trick.

Special points awarded for...

Doing a trick involving another human being.

need inspiration?

Les' get it les' go!

  1. Go Skate
  2. Make video edit of skating
  3. Make steemit/dtube post of video
  4. Post link in comments of THIS post


I guess someone really loved "Toxic Planet" video.
Let's see what we can get for week 16 bros.

Toxic Planet and steemskate have something in common

The only paradise you will find,is the one you will create.

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