SteemSpeak is now running LIVE on DISCORD and SHOUTCAST - connect by going to DISCORD.STEEMSPEAK.COM !!

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Steemit, we are happy to welcome you all to SteemSpeak on Discord, a platform where you can really talk, text and share anything with everyone about STEEM,, Steemit Inc. SteemDollars, Progress in development (our community is always up to date on the latest) and meet important and influential people who dedicate their time to help new users understand and enjoy steemit beta, and looking forward to the future releases to come.

We Broadcast LIVE 24/7 on SteemSpeak Radio from the General Voice Channel

For those of you who just want to listen to the broadcast on web-radio, please go to directly or go to any Shoutcast website and type steemspeak radio and add it to your Winamp or iTunes or whatever other media-player you prefer.

How to Become a SteemSpeak Radio Activist?

  • First go to and set up your account.
  • Then Download the Discord App to your favorite device and log in with your username and password
  • Set up a Push to Talk button and say Hello World :)

How to Become a SteemSpeak Radio Passivist?

  • Upvote posts and comments by @steemspeak
  • Vote for @fyrst-witness as Witness
  • Donate SP, STEEM & SBD directly to @steemspeak
  • Put a link to or in your posts
  • Advocate to good people you meet to become active users of SteemSpeak, there is room for everyone!

How to become a SteemSpeak Moderator?

  • First become a SteemSpeak Radio Activist and introduce yourself to us.
  • Just like Rocket-Chat and Slack, we have many rooms that can be moderated by many qualified people.
  • The more serious you take SteemSpeak Radio - The More Serious we will consider you to be a good moderator.
  • SteemSpeak is also a place for FreeSpeech, so the bar is set pretty high for what we tolerate to be debated and we never hold any long term grudges in case some heated debates should break out from time to time. We like Raw Talk & No Bullshit, but we do encourage you to come in with good karma and let your inner spirit shine :)



Very cool. Bring more to Discord!
That's where we have people go to listen to us do the Steemit Talk Podcast. :)

The heart & soul of the STEEMIT community!

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Hello @steemspeak
Does this make it possible to have my own radio show?

wow 8 months ago, xD well at least now i know it exists

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