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After a round of qualifiers, more countries have now qualified for the World Cup in Russia, with many more falling out of the qualification race. With the draws for the group stages of the World Cup coming up on the 1st of December, we have now entered the home stretch of the qualification for next summer’s tournament.

Teams that haven’t cemented their qualification will be eager to do so at the next international break, and for the countries that have booked their place in Russia already, they begin a long preparation process, to be able to do well at the World Cup, for self, and for the country. We take a look at the teams that have confirmed their attendance in Russia and the potential teams that could join them.

A total of 32 teams will be competing at the World Cup, with 14of those teams from Europe. Africa gets 5 representatives, South America and Asia also gets 5, and the CONCACAF only gets three.

Qualified Teams


As the hosts, Russia is exempted from the qualifiers and get automatic qualification. They, however, can choose to play friendly matches to prepare them for the World Cup. And after a disappointing outing at the FIFA Confederations Cup, they will be hoping to make their country proud when the eyes of the footballing world falls on them next summer


World Cup qualification in Europe consists of one round plus playoffs. 52 countries are drawn into nine groups of six teams and the winner of each group gets to qualify for the World Cup finals. The nine runners up are then ranked and drawn into home-and-away knockout ties and the winners get to qualify.

Belgium came out winners so they are already guaranteed a place in the finals. Apart from hosts Russia, Belgium is the only European team to have already qualified.


World Cup qualification in South America consists of only one round. All of the continent’s ten teams play home and away in one group phase. The top four teams qualify, while the fifth team goes into a playoff against the best team from Oceania.
Brazil, having finished in first place, have already qualified.


Qualification in North and Central America is split into five rounds plus playoffs. The top three after the fifth round get to qualify. Mexico, finishing top of the three, have already booked a spot in the finals.

Iran, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia

World Cup qualification in Asia is split into three rounds plus playoffs. In the third round, the remaining teams are drawn into two groups of six and the top two in each group qualify for the World Cup.

Iran and Japan finished as winners of the two groups while Saudi Arabia and South Korea finished runners up, all securing qualification.

In Contention

A total of eight teams have qualified for the World Cup, which leaves 24 spots yet to be filled. But not all teams are fighting for this spots as many have already been eliminated. There are still some serious contenders though, mostly from Europe and South America.

Syria and Australia will be competing for the Asian Fourth round play-off ticket, with the winner securing qualification. Costa Rica, United Stated, Panama, Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago are among the contenders in CONCACAF.

In South America, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, and Ecuador are still in contention for the CONMEBOL spots. No African country has qualified yet, but the countries that are going are already setting themselves apart. Nigeria just needs a win from two games to secure qualification.

In Europe, a lot of top teams are yet to confirm qualifications, but most are in good positions to confirm qualification in the next round of qualifiers. France, Germany, Poland, England, Spain, Croatia all sit top of their groups, with Italy, Wales and Portugal in second place. If they cannot make the top spot, they will be hoping to win playoffs and make it to Russia next year.

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It's going to be tough for Australia but they have had every opportunity to get the job done over the last 6 months. Moving from Oceania into the Asian Football Confederation's has been a journey but they are still in with a chance and anything is possible as we know in football. Syria will be a challenge and if we can navigate past them another tough opponent awaits prior to qualification. We have depth in our squad they just need to believe.

Here by this post I want to share something about FIFA U-17 FIFA World Cup 2017.

FIFA U-17 FIFA World Cup 2017
06 - 28 October 2017

India, as the host country, is automatically qualified for the FIFA U-17 FIFA World Cup 2017.

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I think this World Cup will go to an unexpected team, can't see Brazil or Germany doing it again - I'd love Portugal to take it, but my dark horse is Belgium.

I was with RUSSIA, I am with RUSSIA, I ll be with RUSSIA 💕

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When I was a kid Scotland were in every World Cup Final stage but USA 94. If Scotland fail to quailfy for the Russia 18 it will be 20 years without been in a major tournament since France 98.
Already I can predict the winner either Brazil or Italy. As I worked out a system 12 years ago when Italy won the World Cup in 2006. With the World Cup been in Russia for the year 2018. Just go back every 12 years and you will see that either Brazil or Italy won the World Cup Final. In 2006 Brazil were like bang on 5 to 2 favourites and Italy were 9 to 1. So for value I backed the Italians instead!

I am waiting for Argentina to participate in Russian's World Cup 2018. I think Lionel Messi can do the best for his national team.
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