The Write Answers Episode 4, Featuring AKSounder and Isaria

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Our fourth episode of "The Write Answers with RhondaK" had its usual share of technical glitches live, but the recorded version that played through OBS is excellent. @shadowspub and I presented two fantastic interviews with two different Steemians who lead the pack in community involvement and contribution of high quality content. Not to mention the fact that they're just truly awesome folks.

In the first hour, we hear from @aksounder . We talk about his experience with Steemit, the Writers' Block, and his career as a highly specialized firefighter. We hear about his experience with Camp Nano, how he battled with a main character he couldn't invest enough in to keep writing, and his Beer Advent Calendar. We learn what his Steemit username means and what he's doing with Cthulhu. (Yikes!)

In the second hour, we're treated to a tour of @isaria 's music. She gives us a video interview facilitated by @swelker101 , where she talks about her songwriting process and how she reached this very advanced point on her musical journey. We get to hear three of her original songs: Descend, Out of Phase, and my personal favorite, Panacea. We also get to hear about the time she played the Charlie Brown theme music for an audience of five hundred. That's a story worth tuning in for!

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I would have loved to as @@@aksounder how he was able to marry his job as a firefighter and Steemit because to grow in Steemit a lot of time input is require.
I have heard of people quit their day job because of this and also because steemit pays better 😂.

Thanks for listening @eddyson! And for asking another question.

I enjoy producing the content I make for Steemit, so it's something I don't mind spending my (miniscule) free-time on. Like I said, it's all about having fun with Steemit for me.

There are also occasional days in the fire station that hold enough downtime that I can work on a new Steemit post or spend time helping other writers at the Block.

That's why sometimes there's a break in my activity on Steemit: if work and life are busy or I spend freetime on another hobby, it will show in my posting activity.

Also, I'm no where close to consider leaving my day job. 😆

The reason I asked is if as demanding as your job you can still find time to do what you do on Steemit then I don't have any excuse. I just have to find a way to get it to work.and I hope one day you will be rich enough in Steem to quit your job and me too

Hahaha, thank you. If I become a whale and quit my job I'll be sure to throw you some of my fat 100% upvotes.

The thing is with my type of work, I get a lot of days off. I'm away from work a lot more than the typical 8 hour work schedule allows. If I'm working on an idea for Steemit I take a couple hours each day in my string of days away from work to make a post or work on a bigger writing project.

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