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RE: Poor Misunderstood Exponential Curve. It Gets Better

in #steemstem3 years ago

A good balance between realism and optimism. Not sure how much more I know about the future of cryptocurrencies after reading your blog. However, I do have a better understanding of exponential vs linear growth expectations.
As for the future of Steem--I'm here to stay. I'm betting it's a winner.


I am also here to stay on steemit. Some really great communities on here, I don't think they're going anywhere. By the way, as a good writer (and also I think you said you have a background in humanities?) you should check out some of the writing competitions run by @f3nix. This is the latest one, going on now. Best community I have found on here, along with steemstem. We are getting a discord server soon!

I will check that out, thank you. And thanks for describing me as a "good writer". I work really hard--no natural "talent" there.