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RE: A Review of a Double Blind Comparative Study of Aerobic Exercise versus Tai Chi in Managing Symptoms in Patients with Fibromyalgia

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It's interesting that people doing tai chi generally look peaceful. People doing aerobic exercises tend to look intense. Does this have anything to do with outcome, do you think? I guess I'm being a little glib, but it is perhaps telling. Blogs by @chappertron and @sciencblocks have emphasized the role of stress on health.

Research here is persuasive. Great blog.


I definitely think that you're onto something. When I was mentioning the limitation of the study being that more of the aerobic participants failing to attend every session and follow up than the tai chi participants also being a intervention measurement, the researchers were under the same impression that aerobic exercise is more intense on the body than tai chi is.

Thank you for your engaging comment!

Thank you! I think I'm finally going to look into tai chi.