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I love it when alt-right people say I'm "crazy" and like flat earthers, especially when all flat-earthers are alt-right

The reason ant-climate change, flat earth, etc, ideas still exist is because they refuse to acknowledged capitalism as the problem. Military industrial complex? The state has to be the only player, if the capitalists worked with them then that would mean capitalism is bad, and look at that, due to capital accumulation they are incentivesed to work with the state. The fear is coming from the idea that the state controls everything, but in reality it is the capitalists just accumulating capital like the very fundamental idea capitalism was based on, it's working as intended


looks like we got some people in comments who love blaming poor people for being poor.

I guess 20 million people per year just choose to not have enough money to live, tragic. Well I guess all we can do is move on and wonder why they would ever choose that. /s

In case you didn't notice, I think individualism is a horribly inaccurate ideology

No matter where I travel, everywhere the Earth looks flat (except for mountains, valleys, etc.). Therefore the Earth must be flat. What about the moon, other planets, or those pictures from space? Optical illusions caused by gravity bending the light 😉.

its fairly obvious that they are choosing to believe that the earth is flat for a reason that is not lack of evidence, but lack of trust. The question is simply who they don't trust and why

If you bring up the state, don't call it capitalism please. Capitalism is when you have the freedom to spend and buy as you please. If someone is forcing someone to spend money, for example taxes, then you can not call it capitalism because some people don't have the freedom to spend money as they please. will not compute, trust me..

I know, but why not try. Who knows they will see the logic eventually.

As much as I dislike Anna for being a rape apologist, she is correct. Capitalism and state control go hand in hand, you cant have capitalism without the state (or some other entity) enforcing it because it would eventually lead to chaos and power imbalances. If you knew more about corruption that's inherent in capitalism then youd understand how it's a fundamentally failing economic philosophy.

Capitalism is hierarchy, and hierarchy is anti-freedom. If someone has more value than another person then there are problems going on.

She doesn't like discourse with centrists which in my opinion is a bad take, as centrists are the key to fixing the broken problems in society.

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So I understand that you don't know what capitalism is, and think corporatism is equal to capitalism. I wont discuss it any further seeing that variable. But what you just said was equivalent to, you can call a person in a prison free because they can freely move around. If you are in a prison, you are not free, even if you can still move freely around your prison.

Corporatism is late stage capitalism. It's the end result. We cant keep capitalism from reaching that level unless we regulate it (socialize the distribution of excess wealth)

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Aah, so you admit it there, that it isn't capitalism. That is good, that is good. If capitalism is a child, and the late stage is an adult, can you still call that adult a child ? I think not. Corporatism is the problem we have yes, there should be your attention on, not capitalism, because we all enjoy buying what we want, selling what we want, and that nobody tells us what to do with our money. And I bet you like that freedom too, and that is capitalism.

Kids grow into adults and pretending that they dont is intellectually naive. anarchy is freedom, money is theft and property is theft.

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Oh, and two things. Why do you bring up that Anna is a rape apologist like it has any weight other than judging someone on variable B by using variable A that has nothing to do with B.

Second, I seeing anarchyhasgods downvoting you for, in my personal opinion, no reason. Why is that.?

Because I know she sees this and i want her to think about her actions. Check the comments of her anti-idpol post for more info.

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I will, but only just to see were you are coming from. I will not be judging anybody.

...your expections of the delusional, are far greater than mine.

Has very little to do with Capitalism.

People believe this shit because their life sucks and they need a scapegoat. It must be NASA that is causing all of the problems in their lives not themselves... sarcasm.

oh, and individuality and individualism are different ideas

and individualism is just as incorrect as flat earth ;)

blaming poor people for being poor? You are just looking for something to blame other than yourself and the system that benefits you white upper middle class cishet guys lucky enough to be born into a country that does the imperialism side of capitalism, and is not the other end of it.


well this video is a good a place as any to start with

it is a bit like a chicken and egg problem. The state is controlled by the capitalists as a way to use violence and force. That allows capitalists to become so filthy riche in the first place.

In the end it is a strange symbiosis. The state has the monopoly on force and the capitalists controll it and fund the politics.
The question is how can you fight this?

The left wants to fight capitalism, the right rather limit the state to take away the capitalists most loved toy. But in the end both want the same goal.

anarchist capitalism is an oxymoron.

Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism

The basis of capitalism is a monopoly of force. That monopoly of force must exist in some way, and the state is the representation of that. Capitalism is the state in it's entirety. What I was referring too was what most people refer to as "the state", and not all of society. That part of the state is born of the capitalist state

if you define capitalism as needing a monopoly of force, then of course there can be no anarchist version of it. And i agree very much that the current state we have is a crucial component of that capitalism.

But free trade does not require force or violence. It is decentralised and leads to a win-win situation for everyone. Anarchist capitalists simply support that mechanism and reject the use of force to controll the flow of products.