Not sure why titles are mandatory tbh

do we even really need titles? It get's kinda annoying sometimes

anyways, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is simple. If there was one simple idea that I could compare capitalism to, it would be the concept of grey goo. Imagine you had a nanobot that uses all available resources to replicate itself. At first we wouldn't be able to see it, then once it becomes noticeable it would be growing exponentially quickly.

That link explains it more deeply, go read it before the rest of the post.

Capitalism converts all available aspects of human existence to a commodity. Over time capitalism must intrude more and more onto your life in search of labor for it to exploit, with the end goal of eventually turning your very existence into a means of production you no longer control.

Being a fan of something is now literally a piece of exploitable capital. Your identity is cultivated by capitalists so that they can extract resources from you. The video below goes into that quite a bit.


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Yup! it is the same problem that communism and socialism present, every political system has totalitarianism in its belly, they are made to encompass everything.

quick question, can you define communism and socialism in any capacity?

let me give you a quick hint, if it has anything to do with the ussr you have no understanding lmao

Communism is the abolition of the State, and Socialism (Marxist) is the dictatorship of the proletariat, am I wrong?

better than I expected, although not something I would say is totally correct.

Communism is a society in which there is no state, and no economic classes. In essence the people are not divided by any artificial construct of society.

The marxist dictatorship of the proletariat is a method of achieving socialism through which communism, but other forms of socialism exist as well. (market socialists, collectivists, etc,)

There are rules in communism? People are allowed to do some things and not others?

it really depends on what you mean by no rules. It is more the ideology of putting no artificial construct above humanity, like law, capital, etc. One of the worst parts of capitalism is alienation from the product of your labor, so one of the more important aspects of communism is having more impact on your personal environment. That does not mean people will not react, however, so you can't go around hurting other people without repercussions of some kind. In fact people will be more free to react.

"rules" aren't really a concept outside of a monopoly of force by a state-like entity, so there isn't really a good explanation of that specifically. It's like asking about the properties of a square when using a circle smh

Could it be said that there are no rules then?

I don't think the concept of rules applies in this situation. The idea carries a lot of assumptions with it that simply don't make sense in this type of society. It's like asking what the radius of a square is imo

so called socialism in ussr was in fact nothing else than ... state-ran capitalism :)
pretty much as what china is basically does already quite for while.
(planned economy and such; btw Obama was criticized for the same and perhaps Trump now too)
while communism has never been achieved anywhere in the world.

and yes, de facto there are social welfare states which are basically much more socialist than ussr been (like sweden socialism model was called so even during ussr times)

anyway, words are being twisted all the times... same as so called "democracy" and all that shit.
btw so called capitalism too. for example Max Keiser has been exposing all such BS for over a decade, that it is mostly kleptocracy, oligarchy, corporatocracy, etc. (or a Plutocracy in this recent article they were discussing in this video)
but yeah, they keep feeding the BS to masses, making them believe in this or that "-ism" LOL
well, it's good for business, hey! :D
to create some confrontations, tensions (wars are the best too), or at least some sanctions, trade wars. cut supply / demand somewhere while at the same time leave some loopholes for few their own friends...