science is run by middle and upper class white men, don't pretend they are free of criticism

turns out massive amounts of studies are faked. The "scientific method" of today is absolute trash. It doesn't work under capitalism and it most definitely doesn't scale well. It is just as human as we are, and we will continue to see the results we expect to see in the majority of situations. That's the reason why all this bad science can be passed off.


It's no surprise that fields that are gate kept behind extreme amounts of wealth are biased in favor of the wealthy. Just another day in the capitalist world.

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aw look at that. Trumpman is offended because he thinks upper middle class white people have a bias towards marxism lmao. What a fucking joke lmao

Fascists are always a joke either way though, their entire existence is based on a reaction to a changing system they can't understand

You sound like a flat earther, only more crazy.

For nobody is a secret that there is currently only pseudoscience. The majority of scientists belong to the same ethnic group and are generally marxists. It is a serious problem, because atheists usually put their faith in these subjects, and grant them divine authority.

I totally disagree, still this is not a reason to get flagged. Upvoted cause I don't want that idiot @anarchyhasnogods ruin your experience here on the platform.

Oh Thanks!

Well, if you do not agree, it's because you must have your reasons.

excuse me what the fuck? scientists are biased towards neo-liberalism lmao. That's the problem with them being upper middle class white guys

Stop flagging people just for disagreeing with them. And its funny how you only dare to do that with small sp holders. It shows what a real coward you are.

P.S.: Flagged for being a coward douchebag

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