Telemarketers are interesting, sometimes I end up listening to them for something to think about

Sometimes I end up listening to what they have to say, just so I can get an idea of what people are actually hoping to accomplish.

Today I got a call from a cop asking for a donation to a cause. They wanted funding so that they could punish criminals who injure cops. They didn't specify how though. I ended the call with a nice "This isn't a cause I would support" and hung up.

Studies have shown that the size of punishment isn't what has the most impact, the likelyhood of getting caught does. (In fact, the punishment has a negative impact overall.) Since in this situation it is very unlikely that an increase in likelyhood of getting punished is even possible, the only reason they want this is to hurt people that do something that is considered a social stigma in their eyes. The choice of words was interesting too. They didn't say anything other than "criminal", which as you can probably guess, is dehumanising. You can see their goal was never to help people, only hurt.

If I could go back I would have probably asked a question or two. I would really be interested to see how they respond to "do you think criminals deserve a right to vote?".


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I wouldn't trust it either. I mean, cops already punish "criminals", you know, the ones that fail to follow any command a cop says without question. Those people are the ones they call criminals, and they want to punish them, naaah, I don't trust it either.

I was interested in your response to telemarketers. Unless they have a really thick skin, that's a hard job. I know...I've done it. It's been many years, but once I lasted all of a day and was profoundly depressed when I went home. So I'm glad you listen to telemarketers. Mostly, they get paid very little and everybody hangs up on them. As long as they're not rude and aggressive, I give them a couple of minutes out of my day. Of course, if they're spouting hate, they don't get my ear.