The problem of infinite growth

There is a problem of infinite growth you all seem to forget. Capitalism cannot survive without exponential growth. The solution to that is imperialism, and and infinite expansion of humanity. Ignoring the fact that we can't stop climate change, in the future we will have to expand the extraction of resources (not out of real necessity, but out of capital accumulation). This will take us to outer space and beyond. There is just one small thing you all seem to forget, growth consumes all of our resources. We have 20 million people dying of poverty a year simply because we would rather let our resources go to waste than spend time distributing them properly. (We waste much more food than we would need to stop world hunger, and that is just one example.) When the only possible solution to our problems is putting all of our resources towards infinite growth there is nothing left for putting towards humanity itself. You will be stuck in the same endless loop forever. That is not progress, but hell itself.


Exponential growth in the face of limited resources can never end well unless very well planned, and we are obviously not planning anything, let alone doing it right. Capitalism has a hard stop with climate change, though.

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Each uncontrolled growth face to final destination and reborn. Until that day there has to be good project to prevent this waste and at least try to do something for...

or maybe we could just sum it up as communism or death

We also have to stop looking at old ideas and building from the ground up. Check this video also

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tfw communsim is already re-building society from the ground up and it's not that old of an idea, and has a real functional critique of capitalism built in.

Is your idea even built up from hegelian dialectics smh

I think an ASI will build a better model.

Marx completed the system of German Idealism.
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nobody has any clue what you are talking about like 95% of the time lol

explain plz

Took the Dialectics, said: "Hey, why don't yah become materialist instead of idealistic" and blamo: he completed the System of German Idealism.

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venus project is basically just utopian socialism, rebranded without the traditional lexicon.

the only way a new world will exist is through utterly and systematically smashing the old

didn't they already pronounce so called "capitalism" as dead already more than once, quite a while ago? and many times after

2018 UN study warns: Capitalism is dying
2015 Capitalism is dead ...
2013 Is Capitalism Dying?
2008 Capitalism Is Dead

actually come to think of it... so called "infinite growth" is just a clever trick to justify the proprietorial behavior of so called "capitalists", who are in fact just some apolitical guys who gives a shit only about making money by any means available.