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RE: EGYPTOLOGY: Science in Ancient Egypt, Part# 2

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That Fayence still looking marvelous today.
I find funny that they considered brains useless :) Maybe it was too much of work to get them out and were not spoiling the body if they stayed inside.
I've heard, not sure how much is it true that they used special hooks to pull out the brains through the nose.


I am a great fan of Fayence. I will cover this in my next article in detail. The colors vary from green to blue in thousand different shades. So fascinating.
Yes, you are right - they had special tools to remove the brain through the nose or through a small hole in the backside of the head (near the neck). Tutankhamun, for example, had this hole in his skull, so the scientists first thought he suffered and died from a injury caused by murder or accident, until they found out that this was the "valve" to suck off the brain... brrrr :D