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RE: man kidnaps and strangles women telling her he is going to kill her, all for sexual gratification, is given stern warning by judge, no jail time

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I agree with the message. But maybe calling centrist people fascist is a little bit too much. Upvote for Some More News and Philosophy Tube (a few posts before).


We on steemit or any other social media blog have no right to spew hatred.

But then you have the camp who are even more radical and mind fucked who think every kind of language and conspiracy theory should be spouted in the name of freedom of speech.

Sorry I guess I’m not allowed to say some shit should just not be said.. but I get the argument!

Then this guy comes along thinking hey! I’ll give
this guy a taste of his own medicine. I’ll just silence his posts on ANYTHING HE HAS TO SAY.

Huh huh that will teach him a lesson.. Cuz I have 10,000 more STEEM then him and I’ll just silence him and see how he likes it. All he is proving is that certain assholes are just assholes. It has nothing to do with freedom of rights.

What he doesn’t understand is that there is strength in numbers. You can throw around
terms like freedom, hate, fascism, ANARCHY.

Well what are you STEEMIANS going to be?

Perhaps this is what steem is about.

Clicking the unhidden button is one thing. Fighting this rotten character is another. Perhaps there is a virtue to steemit. Or perhaps there is

I guess I’ll see :)

a bit too much?
You want me to call them fascist enablers? How about fascist deniers?

There is an old saying among leftists. Cut a liberal a fascist bleeds. They are fascists themselves who just haven't been impact enough by the decline of capitalism. Fascism is capitalism in decay after all

I'm not sure what people are you calling centrist and therefore fashist. But by definition you literally can't be both at the same time. Maybe calling people names and disability to talk to each other is what makes the political situation in America worse every day. Us vs Them

" Maybe calling people names and disability to talk to each other "

Either you support capitalism or you don't there isn't any room for negotiation there. I'm fine talking with mutualists, collectivists, and other form of ideology, but capitalists are the enemy.

Capitalism must go out of its way to destroy every other system by it's very definition. So by definition, it cannot compromise or be compromised with.

Is everyone who supports capitalism is your enemy and should be dismissed?

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" But by definition you literally can't be both at the same time. "

this is a great video on the overton window and all of that. To sum it up, "centrists" cause fascism.