Hierarchy is not inherently evil. Student and teacher, expert and novice, and even employer and employee can function in a non-coercive hierarchy.

All economic systems involve capital. The question is who has the right to control it. Voluntary exchange and the homesteading principle are based on human action and cooperation. They do not preclude voluntary communes, syndicalist co-ops, etc.

There is no such thing as voluntary exchange for people who don't have anything that capitalists deem valuable

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The economy is not composed of two distinct classes the way you perceive them. Everyone is a consumer, and there are many opportunities to produce what others want to consume. The political class operating by literal plunder is the threat, not some abstract "capitalist" class. When corporations rely on politics to prosper, we have abandoned the concept of the free market. Again, the two concepts are diametrically opposed, not causally related.

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