Didn't see your original post 10 months ago so great to see this now. Rooting out falsified research like this is always satisfying.

It is yet to be known whether it is falsified research or not. But there are doubts certainly.

A few weeks (months?) back I wrote a post about scientists rushing to be 'first'. Usually the incentive is not purely commercial. Go back to Pasteur or Watson and Crick...the waters are muddied by vanity. Will the scientists in this case be vindicated as details come forth? Calls to mind recent, more widely publicized scandals: Hwang Woo in cloning and Elizabeth Holmes in blood testing. It's a kind of madness, self-delusion, that the fraud won't be discovered. Here you are, and others, looking at data, looking for answers. Surely the researchers could have anticipated this scrutiny. Science may be objective, but human beings perform the experiments. Ah, there's the rub.

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