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RE: Communication with Unmotivated Dolphins: Intelligence Part 4

in #steemstem3 years ago

I'm also really excited to see what happens here over the next few years. We already have some artificial intelligence that can copy human speech so well it's hard to tell the difference. So it should be able to whistle and click back to the dolphins too. Of course we are still not sure what all those dolphins sounds mean, so it will take some time to figure that out!


We need an @dolphintranslatebot to come through here but perhaps we need, as you mention some AI to do it for us? Cool article!

We can call it the DolphinWhisperer. Let's hope it happens, I want to see what those dolphins have to say.

I'm keen. Oh @dolphinwhisperer how do I know if those dolphins playing in my wake want us to speed up or slow down?

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