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RE: The Earth's magnetic pole is changing its location faster and faster!

in #steemstem2 years ago (edited)

This is Interesting and that is why you may have to upgrade to newer phones that reset them selves periodically. Old phones (10 years ago) were always out by 10 to 100 meters on the GPS ordinates, after a year or so, I am curious of any research that the magnetosphere has the same, better or worse capabilities of protecting the earth form such thing as Sun flares, cosmic radiation, gama-rays and asteroid orbits are not affected by the migration of magnetic poles. The possibilities of our planets magnetics affecting the whole solar system should be studied closely, How about it NASA and my fellow astronomy enthusiasts should we continue with these theories. the possibilities are endless but it is good neurological exercising. Keep up the good work we may solve one of earths problem if not we will have fun trying.

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