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RE: A Review of a Double Blind Comparative Study of Aerobic Exercise versus Tai Chi in Managing Symptoms in Patients with Fibromyalgia

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Thank you for sharing this study with us @alchemage, I have tried Tai Chi in the past and found it to be such a wonderful form of exercise. that really connected me to my core in such a gentle and powerful way. I can completely understand how it could be so beneficial for those suffering with Fibromyalgia, because as you have stated it integrates exercise and meditation.

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I like how you mention the power held in tai chi. People often forget that tai chi is a martial art, and that when you're performing some of these really graceful flows what you are actually doing is a defensive or offensive move within the martial art which is meant to keep you safe or maim a perpetrator. There is a lot of power held in the act of performing tai chi, and I think that is too often forgotten.