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RE: EGYPTOLOGY: Science in Ancient Egypt, Part# 2

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Short and concise read! Just about everything civilization started in ancient Egypt. Math, the pyramids, even schooling. I wonder how it was those times.

Thanks Sophia, I'll be here to read next time.

PS: we're namesakes. ; -)


Although I would love to read that "everything" started in Egypt ;), I must be honest and admit - Egypt was not the only highly advanced culture in antiquities that brought innovation to mankind. The many cultures in Mesopotamia (today Irak, Iran and the surrounding countries) were in some areas even more advanced. They invented the wheel, also the rotating potter's wheel, they were the first that even cultivated crops and changed their lifestyle from nomad to settled, founded the first mega cities etc...
Or even look at the meso-american people and their ancient heritage: the pyramids of Teotihuacán, for example.

Well then, pardon my semi-hasty generalization. It so happened that so much about science in history that I've read for the past few months have all had roots in Egypt.

But yeah, I get it. there were also other 'unknown' Civilizations too that were probably as advanced as Egypt. and just because they had only one or two Great thinkers recorded in history doesn't make them irrelevant.

Thanks for clarifying.