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RE: Global Blackout

This creates an incoming problem for the Insight mission which was launched in May. If Insight must land during this storm, NASA will need to modify its landing procedures in order to counter issues associated with the storm.

Mars dust storms are seasonal and the Insight mission is slated to land in November:

Mars dust storms also kill the sunlight, cool down the surface and this kills off the wind strength. Let's hope the storm will kill itself off before the landing in November.


InSight is a robotic lander designed to study the interior of the planet Mars. The mission launched on 5 May 2018 at 11:05 UTC and is expected to land on the surface of Mars (landing site: Elysium Planitia) on 26 November 2018, where it will deploy a seismometer and burrow a heat probe. It will also perform a radio science experiment to study the internal structure of Mars.
The lander was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Space Systems and was originally planned for launch in March 2016.

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