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RE: A Review of a Double Blind Comparative Study of Aerobic Exercise versus Tai Chi in Managing Symptoms in Patients with Fibromyalgia

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Fascinating. I know a friend of mine with fibromyalgia swears by yoga as a management for self care to prevent flare ups. I wonder if there are similiar studies, or whether tai chi and yoga could be seen as on par here. Does this mean you will start tai chi?


There are studies which show the benefits of yoga with managing fibromyalgia as well, and I almost critiqued one of those but chose tai chi because its something I would like to do more of. Yoga is definitely a similar mind-body medicine that employs physical activity and meditation and when I am practicing regularly my pain levels are extremely low and manageable. I have done tai chi in the past, and I wish I kept up with my practices because I forget most of the flows now :\ When I can afford to take a class, I'll definitely be doing it. For now, yoga it is ;)