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RE: Communication with Unmotivated Dolphins: Intelligence Part 4

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I admit this was very interesting, creating a technology to allow us "talk" with dolphins. I'd love to see it some time soon and I wonder what other animal languages we would be able to speak in the future...


It really would be amazing to talk to the dolphins. I think if artificial intelligence continues to improve it could be done in the next few decades. Have to hope one of the big AI research groups takes it up as a challenge to show off what they can do

It would be awesome to achieve something like that! Have you come across any similar "experiments" with primates?

I guess you have heard of Koko the gorilla who could use sign language. Apparently there is quite a lot of controversy about how much she really knew. I will have to read more, will definitely do a post about her at some stage!

I don't remember exactly what was it I had read, to be honest, but I remember the idea of communicating with primates.
I'd love to see what you can find! :D