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RE: Bizarre Natural Phenomena Vol. 64 - A Mother Of Pearls In The Guts Of The Earth (Cave Pearls)

in #steemstem4 years ago

Nature never ceases to wow us. When I saw the "pearl" in the title, I knew I was about to witness a spectacle - and yes; the post wasn't short of that.

I'm thinking, can these cave pearls be harvested and used to construct some kindda decoration stuff? (Co-built by nature and human). Now I'm sounding weird, lol.

Nice piece as usual, Ruthie


Would you like to decorate your garden with those? :P
I think they'd lose their shiny appearance once they got out of the cave...

Thanks for coming over, Sammy! :)

Lol. I wouldn't mind that for my garden. 😂

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