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Hello steemians, like we all know cancer is too wide for me to talk on it in one day, but I will be introducing it to us today, In which I will be talking on the types, signs and symptoms so we will have a bit knowledge on what it like. On my next post I will extensively talk on the types of cancer. Please upvote, resteem, comment and follow, you could save a life by doing that, you know health is wealth.


cancer can be define as an uncontrollable or abnormal growth in the part of body. these abnormal cells that rows in the body which are malignant cell cell and tumor cells. this cells listed can penetrate or invade the body tissues.


The abnormal cells and the other cancer sell that grows t form cancer are originated from
• Breast cancer
• Colon cancer
• Lung cancer


Cancer is not only restricted to humans, animals and any other living organisms.
The cancer cell can penetrate or break through the original mass of the cells and travel through the blood and lymph systems and stays or lodge =in any orthr different organ in which the same cycle is been repeated (uncontrollable growth). This process of cancer travellingg fom on organisms to another organisms is known as Metastatic , for example: if thebreast cancer travels and spread to the bone, this means the individual or person is infected with metastatic breast cancer to bone. This is totally different from the bone cancer.

Type of Cancer
There are over 150 different types of cancer in this world in which their cure or prevention depends on the type and location of cancer.
• Carcinoma:- this is a type of that deals with the external part of the body, other types of scan you should expect are ( lung, skin, ovarian, pancreate and epithelial)
• Sarcoma:- ( osteosarcoma, synoval sarcoma, liposarcoma, angi sarcoma, fibroscarcoma)
• Leukemia:- this type of cancer starts from their below
• Central nervous system cancer:- this type of cancer start from the brain and spinal cord
• Lymphoma and myeloma:- this cancer begins from the immune system (B-cell lymphomas, Hodgkin lymphomas, non-Hodgkin lymphomas).


Signs and Symptoms
The signs and symptoms of cancer varies, it depends on the type of cancer and where it been located.
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Sore throat
• Indigestion
• Fatigue
• Low grade fever
• Nagging cough
• Hoarseness
• Loss of appetite
• Change of bowel or bladdder

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