SteemSTEM Distilled #100

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Here we are! 100 distilled and slightly late (summer time, family visiting, etc. However, our usual trend being 'better late than never', here is our 100th episode. Just for the fun and providing useless numbers, the first distilled was published on September 25, 2017. 7 posts were highlighted and three of the featured authors are still active SteemSTEM authors (@tking77798, @valth and @laylahsophia). Anyways, it is time to go back into present and welcome you to this new episode of our curation effort!

We remind that the SteemSTEM community can be easily reached out on the SteemSTEM discord server, where most our active members are available to chat with anyone on a daily basis.

[image credits: @medro-martin]

We present in this distilled our top two handpicked post choices for the last week, i.e. the 27th week of 2019. As usual, our selection committee consisted in a one-man team made of @lemouth, and some statistics are given at the end of this post.

Please do not be discouraged if you did not make it on this issue. The chances to be picked are low. In the meantime, you may wish to check these guidelines for extra tips on how your writing could be more effective (or ask for a mentor on Discord).

Our top choices

Aleutian and Pribilof Islands: Beauty, Tradition, Tragedy

As a first selection, we decided to pick a post by. @agmoore2 in which the Aleutian islands are discussed among all their aspects. History, geology, people, culture, etc. Everything is nicely covered. Moreover, reading this post will allow you to discover the Unangan people and how they manage to go through time.

Reactions with cupric sulfate

For the second post of the week, we decided to highlight a post from @emiliomoron who describes how fun can be obtained with chemistry and cupric sulfate. Be ready for a few experiments, explained in all their details, and please consider reproducing them (in a controlled manner) at home.


SteemSTEM offers support to anyone using our app, We recall that:

  • Posting an article through the app automatically yields a 5% stronger upvote at curation time.
  • Posting a reply to an article (or to another reply) from the app can sometimes yield some SteemSTEM support.
  • Setting @steemstem as a beneficiary to the post automatically yields a stronger upvote (up to 5%).

Last week, the SteemSTEM curator teams have supported 50 posts written by 36 authors. 25 of these posts have been posted through the app (and got a 5% stronger upvote). Among these 50 posts, we find:

  • 13 small upvotes (less than 20%)
  • 11 medium upvotes (in the 20%-50% range)
  • 26 large upvotes (larger than 50%)

In addition, we have upvoted 36 comments posted through the app, written by 8 authors.

The list of upvoted post authors, potentially getting some extra support from @curie and/or @utopian-io, is: @abneagro, @agmoore2, @aliriera, @amestyj, @anaestrada12, @azulear, @backinblackdevil, @borjan, @carlos84, @carloserp-2000, @cervantes, @chappertron, @debo-medstudent, @emiliomoron, @emperorhassy, @empressteemah, @gentleshaid, @ggsggr, @jfermin70, @joseangelvs, @kwilley, @lemouth, @loveforlove, @mathowl, @newton666, @phage93, @rbalzan79, @ritch, @sanvigoseven, @sketch.and.jam, @slwzl, @stem-espanol, @terrylovejoy, @tking77798, @wayuu-reg, @zoricatech

The list of upvoted comment authors is: @agmoore2, @amestyj, @belkisa758, @emiliomoron, @empressteemah, @lemouth, @mathowl, @tking77798

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next MonTuesday (or later)!


Thank you so much for the honor of featuring my article! I love steemSTEM Distilled, although I know it represents a lot of work for you, @lemouth. I of course read articles regularly on, and yet I miss stuff. For example, reactions with cupric sulfate, which I will forthwith read.
Have a wonderful summer. Enjoy family. Time passes, people change and then the winter is upon us again.

It takes some time, which at the end consists in less time for the rest (my own blog, the development of the app). But I guess this is the story of SteemSTEM: running after time :)

I think that's the story of life...
Enjoy your summer and your family.

I particular love the cupric sulfate post by @emiliomoron. It is indeed top-notch. Many lessons learnt.

Congratulations to @steemstem community for reaching the 100th distilled. Continue supporting and promoting great quality posts.

Kudos to all the consistent content creators!

Congratulations to the SteemSTEM community on the 100th Distilled milestone. Thanks to the consistent authors, the community members, and the entire team. Let's push for the 200th.

Consistency will take us there..

Glad to see you around! it was a long time. In two years then, for the 200th :)

Albeit, progressive.
Can never go wrong with that one ;)

This is something special! I am happy about it. #steemstem rocks!!

These are cool top posts. Kudos and congratulations to the authors of these posts. Kudos to the steemstem team too for the good work on the steem blockchain.

Thanks for the congrats to the authors ^^

The authors are really deserving...

Happy B-Day und all the Best.

SteemSTEM on!

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Oh yeah, SteemSTEM ON!!! :D

Whose b-day?

SteemSTEM distilles is 100!

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It was probably not that clear enough :D

Yay 100. The sum of the first four integers cubed :D

I have never seen it like that! :D

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Congrats to the centenarians!

(no equations to confuse me this time!)

I thought about you and made it easy ;)


Even I forgot I was in issue #1. Thanks for the reminder! Awesome to see us reach issue #100 officially!

I was surprised to see that some of the very first featured authors were still on board. The community has shrunk so much since then...