Announcing a SteemSTEM Witness and Seed Node

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For the past few weeks, we at SteemSTEM have been running a witness (@stem.witness) quietly as we continued to become familiar with necessary processes and performing updates during the Hardfork 20 transition period.

We are now ready to officially announce our entrance into the witness list.

The stem.witness configuration

The SteemSTEM witness (stem.witness) is being run on a Hetzner server hosted in Germany with the following specifications:

  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 v5 Quad-Core
  • 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 2X 512 GB NVMe Gen3 SSD
  • 1 Gb/s Bandwidth

With sufficient room to expand both ram and storage space as Steem’s needs continue to grow with time.

We are also running a broadcast node (with the same server specifications as described for stem.witness) to assist others who would like to have access to the blockchain.

Please have a look to
[OK, maybe in a few hours as we are currently replaying, after the upgrade to 0.20.5 earlier this morning.]

Why Is SteemSTEM Running A Witness and a Node?

We have been and continue to be dedicated to growing a community of STEM posters and supporting the creation of high quality STEM content on the Steem blockchain.

Our plans include the upcoming - very soon ;) - release of the official SteemSTEM app enabling us to grow our userbase to new heights. With this app in hand, we hope to reach research institutes from all over the world and bring them on Steem as primary sources of scientific information on the Web. In other words, we aim to utilize the Steem blockchain as a STEM communication medium.

The success of the SteemSTEM project is deeply linked with the success of Steem as a whole and as such we wish to do our part in maintaining the security of the blockchain as well as to continue to show our dedication to Steem.

With the issues that have been on-going with the HF20 transition, we have also thought about the way in which we could help better. And it is all about testing. Being a community of several hundreds of active Steemians, our best option is incontrovertibly to make use of this size to participate in the testnet efforts, trying to assess how a relatively large number of users could make Steem behave.

How To Vote

To vote for the SteemSTEM witness, please go to and type stem.witness into the box at the very bottom of the page:

We thank you for your support and continue to thank each of you for the opportunity you all provide us to grow and develop a STEM community with the potential to change the very nature by which cutting edge information is shared on the Internet.


You have my vote! I see you're already at place #88, which is not a bad start at all.

I would even emphasize and say that is a great start! This week will hopefully be full of SteemSTEM announcements!

Thanks a lot for the vote!

Yeah, I agree that it's a great start! Being in top 100 is also pretty nice, since it will be a lot easier for people to vote for you. You might even get some votes from people browsing the witness list and thinking "Hey, I like @steemstem, so I should vote on these guys" - which would be impossible at above top 100 position.

And I'm looking forward to more announcements. The SteemSTEM app sounds very interesting, and it will be great to be able to learn about it.

One or two extra days to go, for the app ;)

Thanks valth, most appreciated.

Easy Vote. Great initiative, cool members like @sco. And since I believe that the future of Witnesses will be teams running for those positions rather than single characters, this vote is an easy choice. Good luck as a witness!

Thanks a lot, especially for your continuous support to de-stem who you are one of the greatest benefactors if my information is correct :)

What is your opinion on delivery and execution of HF20?
Did you test it before?

We were not involved in the early testnet for HF 20, we will be making efforts to try to be involved in future major releases (the coming SMT enabling hardfork for instance).

We implemented 0.20.0 as soon as it was publically available and then spent the next days downgrading and upgrading along with all the other witnesses and node runners.

Overall it was a good experience (for us) as we learned a bunch about appropriately running a witness, and quickly reviewing and implementing updates.

Plus replaying is just so much fun ;)

It is cool you are going to be a witness but all exemplary that you will be running your own public node. The other big apps with their fancy delegations need to follow your lead and contribute more to the infrastructure of steem like this.

It's necessary if a group is dedicated to steem. More nodes increases reliability for everyone. This is something that GTG and other top witnesses encourage, and we really see the value in it.

First witness question - what does 20.5 do? 20.4 was announced but this is the second time I've seen an upgrade to 20.5 mentioned without details.

Edit: found it in the github. I'm not sure what that bug would have done unfixed, but it isn't a notable change from out here.

There was a bug in 20.4 that has been fixed on 20.5.

You got my vote! We're at 84 now.

Thanks Man!

Steemstem already has my vote, go steemstem......
Steemstem all the way🙌

This is a long awaited project and experience. Kudos to the @steemstem team for their wonderful works as well as prospect. I see my dreams here. Congratulations! If there were possibilities to vote twice, I think @stem.witness deserves it.

Thanks for your nice message! The STEM prospects on Steem are really exciting, but we won't share all the news we have in one shot. You will know more soon! Very soon! ;)

@lemouth, thanks forn respondign. I've had one issue contributing to #steemstem. I am a real time researcher and I do report my researches in a scientifically official way, yet, this does not meet #steemstem standard which requires that a social language be applied to posts. Is there a way to allow for report of scientific and engineering contributions in a typical scientific way, may be a report of practical researches you have done. To me this will help as @steemstem heads on to collaborate with research institutes. My new research institution can find this very useful. My interests are engineering designs, agriculture, soil and water resources and processing of agro/food products.

I am not sure to understand how state-of-the-art researchs would not be suitable to steemstem standards. This is definitely the topic we support the most and I don't understand how this would not meet our standards (maybe the reason is different). I recommend you to contact our mentor crew to see with them what is going on with your posts.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to put us in contact with your institute. We will be more than happy to help them broadcasting on Steem!

Thank you, may be I was mis-informed. Will put my institution across soonest

Hi, if you're on Discord, you can reach me or @kingabesh with the following usernames, we're Steemstem community mentors and we'll be glad to discuss and offer necessary assistance:

@pangoli[ i-am-Groot]#1084 and @kingabesh#2809

Voted and happy 💚

Thank you very much!

Saludos estimados compañeros de @steemstem, ya ejercí mi voto, me parece interesante las propuesta que realizan, sin duda alguna nos convertiremos en una gran biblioteca científica virtual. Éxitos !

Replying via Google translate:

¡Gracias @amestyj, apreciamos su apoyo y confianza en lo que estamos trabajando para lograr!

Congratulations for this great achievement, well deserved the work they do in the community is admirable are a great example to follow for the new communities in steemit

Thank you for your kind words. Keep up your great work with the stem-espanol community.

thanks to you for all the support you give to the stemespanol community, I hope to continue contributing my small part to help grow this beautiful community full of great professionals and people

You are one of their top content creators. Thank you for all of the effort you put in, it will all pay off some day when we have truly built something world changing.

Congratulations @steemstem for becoming a witness. Will do the necessary for sure.

Thank you, we appreciate your vote.

Done. @stem.witness has my witness-vote.

Good that this is happening. It seems its a lot of effort to work as a witness, in particular all this technical questions. I lately tried to understand the discussions about the hard fork and ... failed.

Happy Birthday, so to speak! :)

It was not too easy for us to jump in right at this moment. we struggled, but the good point is that we learned a lot. There is still a lot to learn, but we are on our way ^^

You have our vote @steemstem team! Thanks for all you do to draw in and cultivate STEM talent in the Steem ecosystem :)

Wow, thanks ever so much @sndbox team. Appreciate the vote of confidence from one of the top projects on steem. Means a lot!

Thanks a lot for your support. As JTM said it in the other comment, having support from key Steem project like you is really appreciated on our side! :)

Although, as an artist I am not represented in the STEM world, I like your initiative and it looks to me like you know what you are doing. May the votes be with you! 👽

Thanks for the encouragement. :)

7k a month ... :) it's ofcourse not for the money, as they say. I'm happy to see you upthere, you sure get my vote

Uh no, we don't even break even on server costs.

probably not in your case, it was my general , usual way of speaking, my native language is fluent sarcasm lol as @lemouth will know by now. It's good to see you up there, some savvy people who dont sit around on their asses all day collecting the money. Go easy on the moderation though if you please, i mean outside of #steemstem ofcourse, whatever's in it is probably best not cluttered by pictures of cute puppies.

i just heard quantum theory contradicts itself btw :p

oh @justtryme90 , can i use the ip-address provided as i would to interact with condenser ? i use that a lot for @ubasti, @sakhmet , @maahes , @goldmanmorgan and future @tyrnannoght , also for my autovoters running 24/7 (on a server that cost about €100 heheh) , it never hurts to have a backup node , or is that fallback ? lingo is not my terrain either as syntax is a waste of brainspace since the 1e100 knows

Our node is a brodcast node/seed, for node to node communication. So no, it can't be used for helping with your bots accessing the chain unfortunately.

ah, @justtryme90, sir, i loathe the word "bot" when it comes to my work :)

i don't run bots, they dont post themselves, its a collection of scripts that generates the posts with an AWFUL lot of variables and calculations

i think @goldmanmorgan is around

[email protected]:~/Documents/steemUX/goldmanmorgan$ cat *.sh0 |wc -l

that's just the executables for one of them and that's far from halfway, but i know you come in peace :p well that's a damn shame then, thanks for replying :) :) :)

As things grow further, it would be great if we could afford to run an additional node for better application access. For now it's just really expensive, and we don't even break even on what we do run (which is fine, we're not doing this for money, but to support the chain and resultant ecosystem).


i think you people are the kind of witness i like, you keep your own morals to your own app and yet you go out of your way to set up a certainty that allows everyone else to continue

Hmmmm will have to read this nature article :)

i thought it might be interesting to some :)

actually, if you ever find the time i would appreciate the thoughts of a structured mind used to dealing with these matters daily ... no obligations and no agenda ofcourse, i think it might help me gain insight into the matter of things

my own personal little amateur theory of everything lol

understanding the world

You have my vote,steemstem all the way

Thank you very much @hillaryisidore, we appreciate your support and will work to make you proud.

I already gave my vote, congratulations to all the team of #steemstem in good time become part of the list of witnesses. Let's continue, growing.

Together we will keep growing. Thank you for your support and faith in our project.

I would have loved to vote again but unfortunately I can only do that once. I believe in the community and you have my vote

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We are happy for your vote and more importantly your participation in making the #steemstem community, one of the finest on steem.

Thanks and still waiting for the mainnet of steem project next year :)


Thanks! Appreciate your support and kind words.

vote casted. This is very great for the community

Much appreciated!

This is great, we are the best blockchain community :D

Thanks Carlos! You're a big part of it!

thanks to you and the directive board for receiving me and being part of STEM

The pleasure was for us! Having you and @iamphysical running the stem-espanol branch is a great success as well!

Nice you have my vote. I think this fork has benefited more people because we saw the need for more community involvement in the process; there certainly seemed to be a sore lack of testing the fork before releasing it. Thanks for joining the witness ranks!

We thank you for your support! It is most appreciated.

Voted...... Now on #84

@steemstem deserves to be in the top 20 list of witness.

I really commend the management of @steemstem for the great work they are doing.

Tbh, isn't there a way to just push @stem.witness to the uppermost top of the list?
They are really needed there.


Let's not worry about what our ranking is, and focus on making the most of what ever opportunities we receive. We will go as high as the community votes us :)

If we do well, and show we belong, the ranking can only rise.

Nice to see SteemStem as a witness

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Neat! I don't have my active key with me as I am on a weekend trip, but will vote for you first thing when I return home. Will spread the world around too a bit to some folks that give jack shit about science but do care about steemit (and projects that bring value to it)and have some open witness spots. ^_^

Thanks a lot @trumpman! You support, together with any extra pieces of support you could bring in, is fully appreciated. It is a long time we haven't chatted. I hope all is good!

You definitely have my vote. I also can't wait see what you have you guys have up your sleeves with the STEM app.

PS your now at position #84 :)

Thank you Terry!

God knows how long i have waited for this. Here it comes! This is a plus to #steemstem and steemit.

Welldone guys! Good job!

More to come! Thank you.

First place is coming soon :D keep up the good work !

One step at a time ;)

Great project, have my vote.

Thanks for your support! Very appreciated!

Server refused to connect

When you posted this, the node was still replaying.

Edit: Replay complete

We made a test a couple of hours ago and it works fine. Do you mind retrying and letting us know?

Hetzner. Nice. I hope it works well. Im interested in how well this setup works out in the long term

We will use which ever service provides us reliable servers, with fast enough specs to run the block chain effectively, at a reasonable cost. Right now that is definitely Hetzner.

Not afraid to make a change if better opportunity comes along. :)

Hetzner has definitely the best price for value.
For regular purposes at least. Hope it goes well.

So far it has been an ideal service. :)

Maybe I should know more about steemstem but I don't. Eheheh need to do my research. Anyway good luck and will be looking for more about steemstem to see what is all about 😉

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Thank you! Well we are a science technology engineering and mathematics community, curation project, and coming STEEM interface. We strive to make STEEM a major player in communication of science on the internet.

This is great! You have my vote for sure. You guys having doing a great job for a while.

Thank you very much Adil! You have been a kind supporter of us for a long time, it won't ever be forgotten.

I didn't want to repeat what JTM has said. But actually I will. Thanks a lot for your support, from the early early days (that were exactly two years ago!).

Bueno veo muchas respuestas positivas... Lo que me intriga es saber para que me sirven los testigos, disculpen mi ignorancia, fui a ver a la votacion de testigos me sale que tengo 29 votos, me gustaria saber que hago con esos votos, que gana uno mismo al votar por un testigo. Gracias

Translating reply with Google translate:

Los testigos mantienen segura la cadena de bloques del steem. E incorpore nuevas transacciones en la cadena. también sirven para apoyar el crecimiento y desarrollo de STEEM y sus usuarios. como lo hacemos aquí con la comunidad STEM. tienes 29 votos más, así que elige otros testigos que creas que están haciendo un buen trabajo en las tareas anteriores y vota también.

Wonderful, I already gave them my vote as a witness, they do an extraordinary job and deserve our support!!

First of all I must commend the team for this awesome step up, quick question - why the separate steem account?

Let me go and vote, very important

We keep the witness and main account separate for security reasons. It's good to keep the main projects SP apart from the witness.

Wao it's cool

Keep the good work going

The only one deserving of my vote is @steemstem, and i gave it to you... I see you are already on 87.. Way to go!!!

Thanks a lot for your vote! I prefer to take this amazing 87th position in a slightly different way: we are already 87th after just being announced. This is just great, isn't it? ^^

well done, you got my and Actifit's vote :)

Many thanks! Always cool to read messages from the early SteemSTEM members (even if they are short ;) ).

Very cool, just curious, why do you have a separate account for the witness?

It's a security thing, we would rather keep the witness and main accounts Steem Power separate from one another.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for responding!

I appreciate everything you are doing, you have my vote :)

We appreciate your vote! Thank you.

I'm happy this finally made it to official announcement stage. Steemstem is one of the reasons I'm on steemit and will do my possible for the continuous growth of the community and the project as a whole. I won't only be voting, but I will also make it a point of duty to canvass support for stem.witness. congratulations to the management and the entire steemstem community

Yep, we were delayed because of the various HF20 episodes. But we are finally there. Patience is always what matters. ^^

One of the witnesses who really have a vision. Keep it up, boys!

We will continue working hard every day for you all. Thank you.

Well you'll definitely get my (small) vote.
And yes, witnesses really need to cooperate and do a serious post mortem of what went wrong with HF20 upgrade.
The mainnet should never be upgraded as a whole at once.
A couple of nodes at first for app developers to try. Then scale up progressively.

Backward compatibility should be paramount so that nodes with new software can work with nodes with older software.

Anyway, all common sense stuff really. But it requires good partnership between steem developers and witnesses.

Every single small vote counts. Because many small votes can be big :)

I hope the lessons from this HF will be learned. In our case, it coincided with the moment where we were setting this up, so that we didn't really participate in any test. But we will be there for the next one!


Shut up and take my votes....😤

no... no 'shut up'. I like when we chat! :D

I am happy to read this!

I (together with all of my family members here on STEEM) will vote for @stem.witness as soon as I will be back home from my Asian trip (I don't like to use the active key while traveling ...).

I didn't know you were abroad (this is maybe why you didn't answer my discord message of a couple of days ago). Anyways, please enjoy the stay in Asia and let's chat when you are back! ;)

And thanks again for your support dating back from the early early days!

Oh, sorry, I didn't check discord since quite a while. Maybe tomorrow I can login there again and read your messages! Now I have to disconnect again.

nothing urgent. You only missed the pre-announcement to steemstem-friends. Note that there is also a second pre-announcement ;)

Well we appreciate all the help you've given us over the years. Enjoy your travels.

lets make steem price go up woohoo

Well, we can try to help in this. We actually will try. But we may need more arms too ;)

Great initiative you are quickly climbing the ranking of witnesses I think I did well to vote as soon as you started. 😊

Good job!

Thanks for... well... early adoption. And also thanks for helping me with all the technical issues. Getting used to the technicalities was really tough (and we are still learning).

I hooked ya up! Got my vote!

Thank you very much @cowboysblog! We will do you proud.

Excellent. You will have my vote once you are done replaying. I just reviewed the witness page and voted for all witnesses who have been providing constructive criticism on the HF20 rollout and how some of the changes are not beneficial to those who are actually engaging and providing content. SteemSTEM is a bright spot on Steem--the antithesis of those who see Steem as a place only for their own gain.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

Just to clarify, the witness is already ready for more than 5 hours. The node is still replaying 9nodes take more time).

Thanks for your support and nice message!

Nice!!! Cmon guys!
I'm going to vote for you!

Thanks a lot! Every contribution/support is appreciated!

You have a Xeon processor, too ?
Can you time the replay?
It takes me 20 - 24 hours.
Witnesses on i7 take 3-5 hours

The witness replay takes about 3-4 hours. the node of course, more on the 20-24 hours side as this is way more slowly.

The brodcast node takes much longer (over 24 hours, so similar to your noted experience), but we are running a few extra APIs on that as well.

Wonderful news, you have my vote and deservedly so for everything you have been doing to promote Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics on the Steem Blockchain!

Thanks for your vote, support, contribution and constant participation to make SteemSTEM what it is today! And be ready for the next big news of the upcoming week!

More big news? Can't wait! Thanks for all the support, keep up the great work!

You will have to wait... Patience patience my friend ;)

That's a great idea! This doubles the value of your project. Now the STEEM blockchain will work a little bit thanks to you ;-)
I wish the project, the team and the STEM content authors the best of luck!
You have my vote: D!

Thanks for your support and nice words. Be ready for the huge announcement of next week that may triple the value of our project: the steemstem app! :)

Cool to see it officially announced. And obvisously, you have my full support.

Right back at ya. Keep up the great work building the German STEM community up.

Awesome. Voted :)

You are welcome. The stem.witness deserves a vote. So it was an easy decision :)

You have my vote and support from a STEEM and STEM lover 👍

Thank you, it is most appreciated

SteemSTEM is a great project and community. From the beginning, this has been one of the finest initiatives on Steemit. The people operating it are selfless and are passionate about science. You guys have my vote and I encourage others to support this witness as well.

Thanks Tom. We would have never gotten anywhere if not for all of your help.

Thanks Tom! Your support and suggestions, which date also from the steemstem very first days, have always been appreciated and contributed a lot to get where we are today!

Finally! I've been wondering for so long why is it steemstem would not want to run for witness. Anyway, best of luck and I've already set up steemstem as my proxy.

We have wanted to for about 1.5 years.

Cool :-) stem.witness got my vote!
Science rulez!! :-P

I'm very curious about the app and how the things evolve.

We hope for a lot of community feedback. This is an app for all of us, it needs to be something that we are all excited to use.

I've already cast my witness vote. This is a brilliant initiative. The best is yet to come, because we can only get better.

SteemSTEM to the moon

Slow and steady, together we will make progress.

Resteemed. Will vote later (weak VP). I feel more confident in the platform with steemSTEM as a witness

Wait for the next steps, I hope your confidence only grows.