SteemSTEM Distilled #48

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Welcome to the 48th issue of SteemSTEM Distilled, a curation effort by the members of the @steemstem team.

SteemSTEM is a community driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts on Steemit. The project involves curating STEM-related posts through upvoting, resteeming, offering constructive feedback, supporting scientific contests, and other related activities.

For more details, a recent update on the steemSTEM can be found here, and a not so recent one there. Moreover, if you ask yourself about what it means to be part of steemSTEM, please check here.

Our team scours the platform for original and quality content.

After working through thousands (literally!) of STEM-related posts and upvoting more than 150 that we deemed to be worthy, we proudly present you our top 8 handpicked choices for this Thursday-Sunday period.


Forecasting Active Disasters

When you see @gra's username on your feed, you know that you're in for an excellent piece of work. In this post you can see how GIS can be of help forecasting imminent disasters. The example used here is Kilauea, Hawaii, that has recently caused major disasters.

Ocean Energy: Energy from The Ocean Waves - Part 1

@pratik27 has been trying to teach us more about energy we can get from the ocean. In this beautiful post, you can learn more about waves and how we can reap electricity from them.


Gastro #1 : The Liver - "Breaker of Waste, Mother of Metabolism, Khaleesi of K(C)oagulation"

A fantastic post from the #health tag by @soulesque. You do want to give this a read and learn more about one of the most important organs in our body, the liver.

Directed Energy Weapons - the future of modern warfare. [2nd chapter]

A series that will capture your interest is here by @ied. Read on to find out what future wars will be like with the use of particle beam weapons.


The Universe of the Intelligent Microbe--The Biofilm

A very interesting post on the biofilm by @agmoore. No, this has nothing to do with the cinema, it's all about biology. Read on to learn more!

Warning! Warming! How Global Warming Affects Polar Bears

Animals and environment are coming up next with a wonderful post by @biologist on polar bears and how global warming is affecting those residents of the North.


CELL SUSTENANCE #2: Albumin; meet the workaholic polypeptide.

A wonderful biology post that deserves a lot more attention is here by @joelagbo. Read on to learn more about the protein called: albumin.

NORMAL MICROBIAL FLORA: their role in tooth decay (dental caries), mouth odour, body odour and pimples formation

It seems like biology had a lot of entries these days. The last pick for Sunday is @cyprianj's great post on microbial flora, the microbial population that lives within our body.

A few words about the nomination process

For the sake of transparency we feel we need to clarify how our nomination process works; each issue is compiled by certain members of the SteemSTEM community. This week's editorial team was comprised of @ruth-girl.

The editorial team chooses their favorite posts for the week and each issue is the result of their joined effort. In order to keep the process fair, posts written by the editorial team are excluded from the nomination process.

Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it on this issue. The competition is harsh and there is always a next time :) In the meantime, you may wish to check these guidelines for extra tips on how your writing can be more effective.

Authors That Received a Curie Upvote by the SteemSTEM Team

In the same spirit of being transparent about our actions that are now supported by @curie, we will release every week a list of authors who have caught the attention of the @steemstem curation team.

If you want to discuss this with us, please do not hesitate to join the steemSTEM discord server or to follow our curation trail (just ask us for more information on the chat for details).

From April 29 to May 06, we rewarded 145 different authors who have written a total of 189 different articles. The authors who received both a @steemstem and a @curie vote that week are:

@aamin, @addempsea, @adetola, @afolwalex, @agbona, @ajpacheco1610, @alexaivytorres, @alexander.alexis, @alexdory, @annieben, @anyes2013, @ari16, @arkcoin, @azulear, @bitfairy, @bookiie, @carlosgerdet, @chloroform, @churchboy, @conficker, @crypto-bird, @cryptoitaly, @cyprianj, @dannybravo94, @darkiche, @davidrhodes124, @davinci.times, @deboas, @dedicatedguy, @deholt, @derbesserwisser, @dexterdev, @djredimi2, @drifter1, @duke77, @dysfunctional, @dysprosium, @effofex, @egotheist, @eleonardo, @elvigia, @emiliomoron, @emmaculate, @emmanuelpelumi, @emmatech, @eniolw, @eurogee, @event-horizon, @fabiob, @fancybrothers, @fejiro, @felixrodriguez, @florae, @flurgx, @funmiakinpelu, @gerardoalfred, @girolamomarotta, @gra, @hadji, @hamzeto, @henrychidiebere, @highonthehog, @hogarcosmico, @humbledeen, @ibk-gabriel, @issavets, @joelagbo, @joseangelvs, @josedelacruz, @joseg, @kedi, @kelos, @kharrazi, @kingabesh, @knfitaly, @krnel, @latm, @lauch3d, @lawkay, @lecheile, @lianaakobian, @lordneroo, @luegenbaron, @maria1989, @markovicmarko, @masterwriter, @mathowl, @maurelvys, @meluni, @menoski, @micro24, @migueldavidor, @miroslavrc, @mirrors, @mountain.phil28, @mrbreeziewrites, @noble-noah, @nsbachurin, @oendertuerk, @osmy07, @pangoli, @pearlumie, @procrastilearner, @remotehorst23, @rharphelle, @rickie, @rifkan, @rscalabrini, @samminator, @saunter, @scienceangel, @scipio, @sheglow, @sogless, @sooflauschig, @soulesque, @spaghettiscience, @star-vc, @starrichie, @steemzeiger, @steepup, @supersoju, @tanyaschutte, @temitayo-pelumi, @terrylovejoy, @thatsweeneyguy, @thescienceguy, @tomastonyperez, @tsoldovieri, @turez, @ulisesfl17, @uzochukwu, @valth, @vinamra, @vjap55, @voiceoff, @vvladan, @whentone, @whileponderin, @xdastroxd, @yann85, @ydavgonzalez, @yusvelasquez, @zija2022, @zlatkamrs

[Credits: @elvisxx71]

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next Thursday!


Congratulations to all authors! :)

Thanks you guys, more grace as you all continue the good work

We will, don't worry ^^

Congrats to all the authors and curators nice work guys.

Congratulations to everyone, guys!!

Don't forget to go through this amazing list and show some love to those wonderful authors! ;)
See you around!!

@ruth-girl thanks so much
You guy are doing a great job. Will do my best to see that the main objective of steemstem is achieved. More grace to you all

thanks a lot ruth :)

Thanks to all the amazing members of this community. :) Its an honor for me to be featured in distilled!
Thanks for accepting me to be a part of this amazing family. I'm sure, there aren't many communities where a new user is welcomed in such a gentle manner. :)
You people are promoting the best contents in STEM field here in steemit. My sincere gratitude to everyone of this amazing community.
Many thanks to my mentor @scienceangel for guiding me to write articles from the very first day. And also a big thanks to @ruth-girl for your amazing contribution to this community.
I'm really grateful to all of you. :)

Thank you for being a part of all this and bringing quality to our community! Keep it up! :)

Its been a pleasure to be a part of this amazing community... :)

Thanks to you for your contribution! It is really appreciated ^^

Its been an honor for me to be a part. :)

Congrats to all handpicked authors and thank you to all curators for their efforts.

Thanks @ruth-girl for your wonderful work!

Congrats go to all of us!! Authors, curators and management!

It is always a pleasure @lordneroo! :D

Growing week after week, I'm great :D

Oh yes we are!! :D

Big congrats to all the authors. And greetings to the great people of SteemSTEM.
Nice one again by @ruth-girl

I keep repeating myself, but hey! They all deserve it!

Thank you @samminator! :D

Big congrats to all authors that contributed!

And to those who didn't make it in this issue (there are times I wish there were more "seats" available)

Once again a big thanks to the #SteemSTEM community for their generosity! Special thanks to @mobbs and @ruth-girl for their hard work in distilling such quality contents.. 😇

You are on the top most list @lemouth for a big thank you without whose initiative and effort it would have been not so possible! 😇

Arf sorry, this was not a 'me' but a 'meeeeeeeeehhhhh' like the sound of the cow. I was meaning, the steemstem team is made of about 15 people, not 2+1 ;)

:D Thanks to the entire team of #steemSTEM !! :)

lol... too late ;)

Congrats guys, you guys did well.

Great work @ruth-girl, you are the best (smiles)


They have done indeed great!!

Thank you @menoski, I am humbled! :D

congratulations to all the winners and now I follow the @steemstem

Thank you! We hope you find value in this community!

So happy to see my post selected amidst awesome posts on #steemstem community.
So excited... Thank you

You deserved it! Hope to see you in more future issues!

Keep it up! :)

I hope so too... Thanks

Congrulations to all author.Great work done sir.

Thank you! Enjoy! :)

Interesante proyecto! felicito a todos sus participantes, éxito-

Gracias! :)

Congratulations to all authors producing wonderful contents.

Thank you! They are all amazing! :D

Excellent written very good graphics congratulations friend

Congratulations to the wonderful authors...

More grease to the curators also.
Really motivating

Kudos @lawkay!

Your excitement and great posts keep us going!

Totally awesome!
Let's explore the work of @ruth-girl, right? :)

Kudos to everyone involved and let's reap those rewards by writing good articles for the week!

Hehe! I'd say, let's explore some of the great authors we have on board! :)

Thanks @alexdory!

Thank you guys!! :)

Thanks for this informative post . Thanks brother .

I am immensely grateful for your support dear @steemstem team. Thanks a Lotta.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Thank you @eurogee for being part of this! :D

I havn't seen them all, but I just love this "Ocean energy, energy from the ocean waves" and the one by @ied

Congratulations guys!!!

You'd definitely need to check some of those out ;)

Thank you for being here!

Congratulations to all the authors, this is such an amazing community!

Oh! We are @agbona! We are all together! :)

Thanks as always to @ruth-girl for such a great compilation!

Thanks to our authors for their amazing work! ;)

Great work @lemouth and Team.

Thanks! :)

Congratulations to the selected Authors..We keep improving day by day..Welldone @ruth-girl once again..When would you help me pick a wife

Super thanks to the "Iron man too" @le-mouth

LOL!! @ruth-girl the matchmaker! 🤣🤣🤣
Once the summer holidays begin @mrbreeziewrites!

Hehe. Then, I'm anticipating.. Keep the good work going... You're appreciated 💯

Lol... @lemouth is not iron man. He is a plane 😁😁

Lol, he is and more, trust me, I gat this

well... erh.... no :D

Congratulations to everyone contributing to the stem community and nice work by the one woman curation team

Congratulations 🎊

Thank you! :D

awesome !!!!!!!!thanks to all authors

Yaaay! Thank you!

Really awesomme!
Congrulations to all author! You are really doing great job!

Glad you liked this issue's picks! Thank you for the thumbs up!! :)

Thanks a lot team! You always do the best job!

Thank you! We are all trying hard to make this project work!

Great post by our fellow authors. Keep the good work guys...Your deserve some accolade @ruthgirl

Thank you @wisdomdavid! Our authors are amazing! :)

Kudos to the team. More good works ahead!

Kudos! We are getting better by the day and it feels soooo good! :D

Congratulations to all the writers featured on the list

It takes hard work to make this list... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

It does but the final outcome is worth it! :)

How do I become member because using the tag didn't get me to the list

Seams if you are not a member you won't be listed.....still learning about steemit tho

We only list people that are voted by both @curie and @steemstem here. And the list is two weeks old (you can check the dates).

Anyone is then welcome to be a member of the community. Step 1 is to join us on discord, which you already did (and where you are quite active! thanks!). So in fact, you are now part of us ;)

In order to get support, maybe the best would be to get in touch with our mentors ;)

Congrats to all of the authors!

Felicidades a los seleccionados

Congratulations to all featured authors! Keep creating quality content !
Kudos team @steemstem

This is great...
I really want to thank the steemstem management for this. It is a rare privilege, this is the first time I my post is featured on steemstem.
Thank you so much for appreciating my effort, I hope to do more and contribute fully to the growth of this wonderful community.
Thanks so much guys, really happy

Congratulations to all the featured authors! Keep up the great work guys and gals

Congratulations to all the authors


Congratulations to all the featured authors, well-done job @ruth-girl and Keep on promoting STEM @steemstem team.

Congratulations to all the listed names enlisted in the distilled.

Great one. Congratulations to all deserving authors.

This selection alone would update a biology lover on things going on in the field. Thank you #steemSTEM, thank you # community. Thank you @ruth-girl and congratulations to the featured writers. You are all doing a great job.

I'm super proud to be mentioned by you! Thank you very, very, very much!!

Thank you for including my post in this issue. I am truly honored.

So much microbiology represented in this one, yay!

Congratulations to the winners. This is a product of commitment.

Nice curation. These are some great articles.

Thank for the effort.

Congratulations to the author's.

And Thank to #steemstem community for the great work in motivating authors to write more quality article.

My sincere congratulations to all the authors mentioned here. Thanks @steemstem for the constant support to good publications. The idea is to continue strengthening this community. Greetings to all.

Good job, greetings!

Greetings and thank you!

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.

Please remove your link. This steemstem's distilled post is not a place for promoting your work (regardless of the topic). Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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