SteemSTEM Distilled #51

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Welcome to the 51st issue of SteemSTEM Distilled, a bi-weekly curation effort by the members of the @steemstem team.

SteemSTEM is a community driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts on Steemit. The project involves curating STEM-related posts through upvoting, resteeming, offering constructive feedback, supporting scientific contests, and other related activities.

For more details, a recent update on the steemSTEM can be found here, and a not so recent one there. Moreover, if you ask yourself about what it means to be part of steemSTEM, please check here.

Our team scours the platform for original and quality content.

After working through thousands (literally!) of STEM-related posts and upvoting more than 150 that we deemed to be worthy, we proudly present you our top 6 handpicked choices for this Monday-Wednesday period.


What Has Sleep Got To Do With The Genetic And Non-Genetic Compositions Of You?

A wonderful post by @michaelwrites that discusses the importance of sleep for our well-being. How many hours of sleep are necessary according to your age, quality of sleep and genetic composition? In this post you will get all the answers!

What gives cockroaches the ability to survive without their heads, and why can't humans do the same?

After the legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Rider, we have an amazing post by @dandymee and the headless... cockroaches. Read on to learn how these creatures survive even without a head.


Is Human Cooperation Innate Or Learned? En Essay, Part 1

A very interesting piece of work by @capatazche discusses human cooperation and tries to determine whether it is something people are born with or something they are taught. PS: The second part is already out ;)

What I Learnt The Previous Week #4: Bioluminescent Algae as Light Source, Effect of Full moon on Children behavior, Ideophobia, The HTC Blockchain Smartphone and Marsupial -The Marathon Sex Workers

@mrbreeziewrites has had a very productive week and seemed to have learnt so many cool stuff! What kind of cool stuff? Read his post to find out more!


Why CRISPR (GENOME EDITING) needs to be taken more seriously

@funmiakinpelu is here to tell us more about genome editing in a wonderful post! What is CRISPR and what does it do? You're gonna have to read his post to find out.

Breathing In Someone Else's Farts And Other Downsides Of Deep Space Travel

Deep space travel: What would it be like to stay locked up in a place where you're bombarded with radiation and forced to drink your filtered urine? It sounds appealing, doesn't it? So, when are you booking a ticket to Mars? And don't forget to read @procrastilearner's post! It has a lot more fun sides of space travel to share.

A few words about the nomination process

For the sake of transparency we feel we need to clarify how our nomination process works; each issue is compiled by certain members of the SteemSTEM community. This mid-week's editorial team was comprised of @ruth-girl.

The editorial team chooses their favorite posts for the week and each issue is the result of their joined effort. In order to keep the process fair, posts written by the editorial team are excluded from the nomination process.

Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it on this issue. The competition is harsh and there is always a next time :)

Top steemSTEM authors

During the last two weeks, steemstem supported with more than a (possibly split) full vote the following authors:

@agbona, @alexaivytorres, @alexdory, @astrophoto.kevin, @carloserp-2000, @conficker, @dber, @dedicatedguy, @duke77, @elvigia, @fancybrothers, @funmiakinpelu, @gentleshaid, @greenrun, @henrychidiebere, @joelagbo, @josedelacruz, @kingabesh, @lefactuoscope, @lemouth, @mobbs, @mountainwashere, @pangoli, @procrastilearner, @ruth-girl, @samminator, @star-vc, @terrylovejoy, @whentone, @whileponderin, @zest

We are expecting them to strongly engage the community in return :)

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next Monday!


Congratulations to everyone! All authors, and all curators ;)

Well done! Well done! Keep the good posts coming, authors!! :D

Congrats to all the selected authors! Keep up the great work :)

Excellent work authors, it's always good to see what's up in the latest distilled. Missed a few good posts in the past few days, so will have to go and catch up with them!

Of course not just good work authors, but it's worth noting the amount of community effort that has to go into making this successful.

  • The steemstem management - providing direction and escalation points for the team.
  • Distilled authorship - thanks @ruth-girl!
  • The curation team - tirelessly working through 1000's of blog post's and comments
  • The honor team - working directly with people to help raise the standard quality of posts.
  • People providing voting power either through delegated support or by joining the curation trail.

In Greece we say a swallow can't bring spring on its own, it is always the team that works miracles! :)

That is a nice acknowledgement list ! Thanks! :)

The work is hard, but sometimes the curators make it appear easy. Good job to the team and awesome job done by the contributors.

We make it seem easy because we have super powers, remember? :P

How can I forget? :)
Of course I remember. The super power obtained from steem power :D
Thank you for featuring my post the other day.. It's an honour.

Hehe! May the steem power be with us! :P

It was a pleasure!!

The force steem power is certainly with us. Haha.

I think we may have some powers. How super depends on who's asking. Lol.

Big congrats to every author featured. And special thanks to the entire management of SteemSTEM.

Righteous selections by @ruth-girl

Thank you @samminator, enjoy reading! :D

Congratulations to everyone involved!
Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you to all curators, authors and management members for their efforts! Great work @ruth-girl!

Thank you @lordneroo, for both your good work and your good words!! :)

I enjoyed @dandymee post about cockroach very well... Thanks every other winners. It awesome having you educate us. Thanks to @ruth-girl and @lemouth

I hope you liked some of the other posts as well, thank you @tundevet!

You are welcome :)

What an honor to get featured in the fabulous distilled! @ruth-girl - my matchmaker eventually matched me with the distilled. I appreciate your efforts once again. I appreciate the kind gesture!

Congrats to everyone.

@lemouth, my name finally got called in the random function. Well done man!

I appreciate every member of the community - the management team, curation team, honor members, and every other fabulous author that makes up this great and blossoming community.

Forward is our direction, we keep growing!

Go Steemstem!

See? It was just a matter of time! There is hard competition in every issue, that's we say "don't be discouraged" :)

See you around @mrbreeziewrites! :D

That's true though. Discouragement is never a thing. We keep going forward....

Around that "Corner", right? #winks 😁

@ruth-girl is actually the function ^^ Congrats mate!

LOL, you can say that again... She's definitely doing well..... Thanks fam!

I can and I will ;)

Congratulations to me, myself and I.

lol. what y'all lookin' at? ;-p

Congratulations everyone!

Hugs? Come here you!


That's my jealous face

I think all three of you should have a chat with @abigail-dantes! :P

Lol. She'd crack my case open.

Thanks @ruth-girl, for selecting my post. I hope you enjoyed it.

It is a pleasure to promote such good work! Thank you for your efforts! :)

Wow!!! I made it to distilled. Thank you so much @steemstem team and to everyone who read and voted.

Also to other authors, congratulations! Let's write more.

Yes, you are in!! Enjoy and keep up the good work! :)

Congratulations to all who made it into this issue.

Thank you! :)

Congrats to our authors and curators for the job well done. @ruthgirl, such exquisite gift of selection is unique. Great job.

Our authors are amazing! Thank you @wisdomdavid! :D

Congrats folks

Congratulations to all the authors with quality post, and all authors that have their work selected. Well done, let keep up the good work. @ruth-girl, what can I say than well done for this careful selection. You are showing that you are up to the task. @lemouth ,thanks for always keeping us informed in this community. To everyone in the community, let's keep up the good work and stay off plaigarism.👍

Thank you @steepup! The selection is hard when there is such great variety of quality writing :)

Yeah I agree, that is why you must be credited at all times

It's good news to all steemSTEM family
We are all winners
Congrats to the beneficiaries

We are a part of this, so yes, we are winners! :)

Congrats folks

nice one @smartsteem. Congratulations guys

Thank you! :D

congratulations to the authors! thumbs up to the curators and our darling @ruth-girl for the beautiful selections.

congratulations to steemstem, they (we) just won the best community on steemit award from me!

Time to learn about farting in space!

For any further questions, contact @lemouth :P

Congratulations to everyone who was lucky to have received upvote from stem team.

Keep up the good work @ruth-girl and colleagues


Thanks a lot @eurogee! :D

Nice work from all authors...

Kudos to the curators!

i think there is need to curate and make required suggestions on every post bearing steemstem tag to benefit everybody. Otherwise people keep posting without being benefitted as they don't kmow the reason for their post being not considerd for nomination/support

This is why we keep inviting people on our discord server over and over again. Mentors are there to guide and answer questions. We cannot go through each and every post under the tag.

It does not sound good to seek reason for post not being supported- equivalent to begging for upvote.

Vote begging is different from asking for help. That's why I suggest talking to the members in the chat :)

Remember that we are spending hours on this project every week. And by hours, I mean more than 30-40 hours a week easily for some of us. We do our best, but we do it for free, and we are humans.

I won't accept that anyone asks us to work more... Yes, at that level, yes this may be considered as a work! If you are not upvoted, there is maybe a reason, and the mentors are there to help.

Steemstem got the best authors on steemit and it's a rare privilege to be part of the community. I will surely works towards this hall of fame

You are doing a very hardwork @steemstem. Also it is very noble that you are working to promote and reward others.

Thanks a lot! :D

chicos su aporte a la comunidad es realmente brillante.

Gracias! ;)

Congrats to all. As always, distilled is providing me with great excuses to avoid other things.

Is someone procrastinating or is it just my idea? :P

Congratulations to all the authors

At the end everyone wins because we are a community... That is if am regarded as part because am still new

@ruth-girl 👍👍

I like this line: "everyone wins because we are a community" :)

I am glad you liked it @ruth-girl

Woohoo! I'm very "distilled" about this!

Oooh! I hope it's nothing serious! :P

Nice week again. I like the fact that this week featured new faces. That's wonderful.. If you got featured this week, congrats...

Long live, steemstem!

We need to promote some "new blood" in here :)

Congratulations to all the authors featured in here!

And great job from @ruth-girl as always!

Science, technology and mathematics are my favorite subjects. When I joined steemit, I saw many posts on cryptocurrencies and photography but fewer on science and technology. When I came to know about @steemstem, I didn't wasted a single second to follow it. I am glad to see so many excellent posts on my favorite subjects. Thank you @steemstep for this great initiative.

Thank you! It's nice to hear that you find value in this community! :D

I do congratulate all authors and steemSTEM guys(curators and management) in mind. Whenever I think I am gonna congratulate in comments I see tonnes of other comments. So maybe mine will be a noise here. But let this time I praise all the authors, curators and especially editor @ruth-girl for all the hard work.

Congratulations to all the authors that made it.... You all deserve it.
To the curators, you guys are doing a great job.

All of us are trying and all of us deserve a big thumbs-up! :D

Lol...... Yeah we all do

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