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RE: Organization on Steroids: Voice to Zenkit Productivity Hacks Part I - iPhone & Android Phones

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I am really technologically challenged, I probably won't be trying this anytime soon but it looks like you have explained it pretty well here. So if and when I do decide I know where to come to get the low down on this.
Which branch of the government is monitoring Zenkit, would that be the FBI , CIA , DOJ or another one I didn't list? I mean, this has to have something to do with Russian spying right?


Well when you're ready to jump in let me know and I'll walk you through it :)

So since the servers are in Germany I'm thinking the CIA probably has purview over the aliens at Zenkit ;)

The Russians probably use it for some big mind map outlining some nefarious election tampering....somewhere..... not saying where.

Do drop in over on the @BuddyUp Discord! We could use some of your wisdom and wit over in the #the-pond!

Thanks for dropping by!

Well thanks for the offer, I will surely keep it in mind. I briefly have looked over at BuddyUp. If I get an opportunity I will do that, thanks.