Introduction to Pollution | Environmental Science

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Hello everyone today will be looking into a very important topic something that affects everything on this planet irrespective of where they are we read everyday newspapers magazines about it causing irreplaceable damage to word and its increasing every passing year yes it is the problem of environmental pollution but what exactly is this pollution ?why is it a matter of such a big concern?
To understand that just consider


I give you this glass of water to drink will you drink it and if I ask you the reason for that you would say that it's not clean and hence undesirable or unfit for drinking right around the same line are just on a broader scale consider our surrounding where we keep on adding impurities on a daily basis will then be our environment fake for existence of life no right so to define pollution we need to look into three aspects first if the contaminant is being introduced of present in our surrounding secondly the extent to which this present to understand this.


let's consider a clean glass of water to which we adjust One drop of ink and to another glass of water we put an entire bottle of ink and we store both the glasses of water so which one will you call polluted if we go to see both the glass of water has contaminant which is the ink which we added in the first case the drop of ink just dispersed in the water And the water is almost clear indicated negligible amount of contaminant but the second glass has more amount of contaminant our environment has a natural ability to accommodate this contaminant by recycling storing breaking it down or disposing them but if the addition is faster than what are Earth can hold only then we call it pollution I hope you understanding now we come to the third aspect that is whether the presence of contaminant is causing harm or discomfort to living being our environment as a whole so considering these three aspects we cannot define pollution as the introduction of contaminants into the environment in the form of chemical substance or energy that can cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms are the damage the environment pollution can occur in all Habitat made me land sea freshwater or in the air and the substances which causes this Habitat destruction are called pollutants they can be artificial or synthetic substances such as pesticides or naturally occurring substances


That is carbon dioxide that occur in harmful concentration in a given environment based on the type of pollutant and the part of the environment which they affect there are different kinds of pollution well if I ask you to name this type most of us would say air water land or soil pollution and here the tree Habitat that is our atmosphere water and land environment is getting affected or we can say there is a decline in the quality of being free components.


But friends do you know there are some other kinds of pollution as well the one that depends on the type of pollutant of contaminant that is added can you think of what they are noise pollution the sound generated from various vehicles during transportation the honking of horns of traffic signals the sound of loudspeakers playing drums excetra at times become a knowing write this sound when it becomes undesirable creating discomfort to the years we call it noise pollution Thermal Pollution occurs when water bodies are degraded in terms of altering the temperature is especially lockers in thermal and nuclear power plant a large amount of water is used for heating and cooling purposes and their released into natural water bodies


Light pollution you won't be wondering how can light be a form of pollution write Light Pollution occurs due to land and and excessive use of artificial light such that it results and brightening of the skies at night radioactive pollution like any other kind of pollution it is the release of something unwanted into the environment and in this case the unwanted thing is radioactive material friends don't worry will be starting the individual types of pollution in detail in upcoming sessions and one thing we must not hear that its type of pollution may come from different sources and may have different consequence but the ultimate result of all these is environmental degradation they all have harmful effects on life and environment these issues are not country specific but it affeaffects entire planet and it is all happening because of us humans are the activities done by humans so it is our responsibility to become environmentally conscious individual we all must be aware of our deeds we must ensure or activities should cost minimum damage to environment only then we can ensure sustainable development so that's it for today for a further sessions on environmental pollution please stay tuned with us if you like this session give it a thumbs up.


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