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RE: Organization on Steroids: Voice to Zenkit Productivity Hacks Part I - iPhone & Android Phones

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This looks like something I could have REALLY used 10-40 years ago but probably not so much now. Still, it is a good tool for anyone who is still young, pursuing careers, raising families, or caregiving for the elderly! I am sure plenty of folks will benefit from this info, and it was great that you are getting the word out! 😊

It was good to see you in PYPT again, too! 🤗



@thekittygirl Well since you win the award for most organized Steemian of all time with your lightning-quick ability to drop in any Discord server invite or other useful pieces of information at the drop of a hat I'm sure you have some sort of amazing organization tool at your disposal.

You could make a big Discord kanban board organized by interest for all your links and then another for all your how-to tutorials :) But I'm sure you already have that set up somewhere.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for being the one and only and indispensable @thekittygirl - Steemit would be a lesser place without you!