The Apple of Isaac Newton and His theory of gravity

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Hello friends of the steemit community, today I want to make a completely different publication, related to science and that is why I will speak in this publication of the man who changed the laws of physics through his theory of gravity, starting from the fact why everything started with an apple, trying to know why things hold in space and time many scientists decided to check through their research and experiments the theory of gravity and how it influences everything around us. I invite you to observe this interesting article ..



What is gravity?

Gravity is that force that we can not visualize but we feel it at every moment of our life when we walk, run, or do any activity, that force that makes our weight keep us stuck to the surface, the heavier the body the more difficult execute your movement. Gravity is what keeps the planet Earth orbiting the sun, and our natural satellite the moon orbiting our planet.

The first theory of universal gravity was proposed by Isaac Newton who explained that the force that causes an object to fall causes it to maintain a constant acceleration within our planet, and in the movement made by different celestial bodies.

The gravity is that phenomenon that does not allow that when the earth is making its rotation movement we shoot out of the planet. It is that force that keeps all bodies or objects glued to the floor, the heavier the more difficult bodies is to move or move them from one place to another.

In the different celestial bodies the gravity changes in some your body can feel lighter this will allow your body to float inside that atmosphere and in others like the Sun you may be crushed by your own weight because the sun's gravity is very strong is the one that it keeps planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies floating in its orbit.


The mass of the objects is what causes them to be attracted to each other, an example of this occurs between the moon and the Earth. The gravitational effect of our planet causes the moon to be attracted and orbit around us, the same happens between the sun and the Earth the gravitational force of the Sun is the strongest that exists and causes all the planets that make up the solar system to be attracted to it, and to orbit around it executing its movements of rotation and translation.

Isaac Newton took part of this data referring to the law of inertia where an object that is in motion tends to move in a straight line unless something interferes and causes it to deviate from its path. Galileo wanted to test this experiment in an environment free of atmosphere with a feather and a hammer where he would check that the two could reach a surface at the same time if a strange force did not stop them, because a feather in an environment like ours is slowed down by air and its movement tends to change will no longer be rectilinear.


This experiment was performed on the moon during a trip with the Apollo XV, a feather and a hammer were thrown at the same time on the lunar surface and it was found that since there is no air because the moon is an atmosphere free of atmosphere, the matillo and the pen arrived at the same time to the lunar surface.

Newton also determined to explore the content of Kepler's Theories that the force that forced the moon to be inside our Earth orbit is gravity, determined by mathematical calculations the value of this force of gravity.

In his third law Newton also established that if a body exerts a force on another it will also exercise it with the same magnitude but in the opposite direction to the force they exerted on it.

When we bounce a ball on the surface it tends to rise exerting the force that it obtained when rubbing the surface, since the ball exerts its force against the surface and the surface against the ball.

It is believed that gravity has represented an important component in the conformation of the Universe since due to gravity the planets are conformed by the union of the materials. If gravity did not exist, our planet would perhaps be a wandering planet that would not be orbiting its main star, the Sun, which provides the necessary energy to all organisms for their normal development.


Theory of the force of gravity

The force of gravity is the one that influences the masses of the bodies so that they feel attracted to another body or a surface, since it is believed to be the force that keeps us with our feet stuck to the ground, when walking, jumping or doing other activities it manifests itself, since all these activities we must use or make a force to carry them out or carry them out. On the other hand, in areas where gravity is weak, it is difficult for us to do these activities because our body becomes lighter and tends to rise or float in the space where it is located.

The force of gravity always tends to be attractive, the closed orbit made by the planets around the Sun is an example of this.


The gravitational system that exists in the solar system between the sun, the earth and the moon causes these three celestial bodies to move by sharing a gravitational field, where the force of each one of the bodies that is exerted is the sum of the force of gravity of the other two bodies.


The earth and the moon exert a force exactly equal one on the other, but of opposite sign, on this Newton establishes that the force that a body exerts on another must be proportional set of its masses, and in an inverse way it will be the distance that separates the two bodies. Therefore, the moon exerts its force on the Earth being responsible for the tides, since its force of attraction is exerted on the terrestrial surface.


Theory of Newton's gravity

Isaac Newton dedicated himself to physics, theology, alchemy and was also a mathematician who developed the calculus of integrals and a renowned inventor who developed a refractor telescope using a mirror, with which he wanted to show that white light can be distorted in several colors with the help of sunlight.

Newton imagined that there must be a force that impelled celestial bodies to rotate in the orbit of other bodies, and on the fact that different bodies and objects weighed on the surface of the Earth, reasoned then that there must be a universal force that It caused two foreign bodies to attract each other thus developing their theory of gravity.


I call this invisible force gravity or universal gravitational force, then formulated the law of gravity with the concept that gravity is an instantaneous force, where two bodies that are attracted would react immediately and attract.

The theory of gravity formulated in the seventeenth century by Isaac Newton is based on the law of the inverse of the square of distance where it follows that the force exerted by the attraction of two bodies that have mass is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance that separates them. Next a video that explains the severity of newton.

This law establishes as constant the gravity that obtains the value of G = 6.67384 * 10-11 N * m² / kg².

Through observation, the theory of gravity was established within which a set of laws of gravitation is established, where bodies develop an interaction with each other.

The second law of Newton is related to the force that is applied to a body so that it reacts, an example of this would be to hit a ball, it tends to rise because when hitting it is driven with the force exerted, in this case the acceleration of the body changes.

The force that results from the effects of gravity is calculated by taking into account the center of gravity of the bodies that are attracted. Where the force of attraction is greater if the body or objects are close, for example, the moon and the Earth. Newton thought that gravity is an action that reacts while it is more distant.

Newtons law is applied to bodies where physical dimensions do not influence the distance that separates them, these bodies tend to make a conic curve, in the case of the sun and the Earth an elliptical curve, Newton was fixed in the path of the planets that Kepler described in his laws, where the total energy of the system tends to be negative.


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