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Yes, I do prefer Zenkit over trello. Zenkit will allow you to customize your cards in an infinite number of ways which is cool. I do really like the Kanban style of Trello which Zenkit has also.

But in addition to Kanban - there are different ways to arrange your stuff - straight list, calendar view, a table or one of my favorites a mind map.

I find a mind map helpful for things like planning a website or mapping out how a big project flows together. Or things like planning out ninja attacks.

If you are currently using Trello, Zenkit has an integration to port all your Trello stuff over so you won't have to re-enter it. Then you could give it a try and see what you think.

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts if you try it.

Keep watching your 6.

What did I do now! :O xD

Well I tried Zenkit. But it seems to have quite a lot of starters bugs. It just doesn't work as fluid yet as trello does.
As soon as it does I might switch as especially the calendar view is nice.

But for what I need it for currently Trello just works more fluid and well... it just works haha

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I'm not watching your 6. YOU need to watch your 6.

Good luck with that ;)

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Check this out @wolv it’s a good explanation of the power of Zenkit V’s Trello. Zenkit vs Trello.

Nice! bit of a bias site tho :P but looks nice.

But like I said it just doesn't work bug free. when I used it a while back it still had little issues that made the user experience horrid... (in my opinion as a UX designer haha)