Break Free!

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The feeling of being stepped on is degrading
When they cant accept you are soaring
They will try to cut your wings
They will put your down
until you trampled on the ground

They will make you bleed to meet their needs
They will cut you open until you are broken
They will never ask if its fine
They will decide for you ahead of time

I laugh at myself how I quiver
When the roaring voice starts to meddle
I bury my voice and remain unheard
Played deaf and mute with the hurt

I stayed in the black hole for a while
Ashamed and shattered within
Lost the confidence to thrive
Lost my identity, the muster to believe in myself
I couldn't find

Happy face yet bleeding heart
Ideas disregarded, feelings betrayed
Wears a masks to pretend its alright
My soul weeps and ripped apart

I woke up feeling afraid
The woman looks at me covered with bruises
She stares at me blankly
Dying from pain, she felt slave in a chain

I am shocked, I don't know her anymore
As I get nearer, her eyes shows no life
Her body is tired, can't stand tall
Tears flowing on her cheeks
Who is this woman?
She's going through a tough times

I am confused how she feels
She is afraid to show what is real
She is used to be treated as nothing
I can feel how she want to escape from suffering

I walked away from the mirror and clenched my fist
Gone are the days when I am tricked
I let myself endure with all their lies
I will be now attentive with my own cries

I will now take over of the driver's seat
I embraced myself and stop the beatings
Slowly I will stand from this fall
Stronger and fiercer than before

I am now awake with the truth
My eyes lit, heart and body heals
I learned to forgive, love and live
I freed myself from any greed

I realized I do matter in this world
God rescued me when I am about to give up
I am not alone,I couldn't do it on my own
He found me restless and restored my broken soul

I can now smile in the midst of the rain
I can now admit when I am in pain
I can now speak if it feels not right
I can now enjoy life free of guilt
I will make sure there is no wasted years


Sounds like coming from an emotional abuse - let’s say narcissistic abuse. It’s good that you’ve freed yourself, not all can do it after a victim’s mind is poisoned so much. Congrats for freeing yourself!

Thank you for taking time to read @julsmlz. I also dont know where is the emotion coming from , I am just emotional when creating a poem hihih.

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