I think the biggest challenge we will have is bringing Singers and Musicians to the Community. Reaching out for more Singers to come and join the Steemit Community.

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#steemtalent - Scouting for more Singers


Scouting for more Singers

Since launching the #steemtalent project three weeks ago, it has been amazing to see just how much talent is out there, oozing to be found.

One of the things I have noticed very quickly is which artistic and creative group of people are going to be the most challenging to find.

....... Singers..!!

Scouting for Singers

There are plenty of #Bloggers, #Writers, #Photographers and #Artists out there, but not so many #Singers.

To continue in the series of new "Scouting Tweets" that was kicked off yesterday, I thought it would be great to follow on from #Photographers yesterday with #Singers today.

Here is the tweet that has just gone out today.

Always scouting for talent and today I would like to Shout Out to all professional / amateur #Singers out there that would like to be rewarded for sharing their work. Since its launch in March 2016 #STEEM has already distributed over $40m worth of rewards to users.!! #Steemit


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Not that there is a lack of talent out there

Based on the first three weeks since launching #steemtalent, I think the most challenging group of people that I think we will be the most difficult to find is Singers and Musicians..!!

Not that there is a lack of talent out there, on the contrary, but because those that are good have already been snapped up by a management team and have already put in place a Social Media execution plan.

What I am talking about is finding those with a gifted raw talent that are still very much unknown and unheard of.

The "Best of the Best" ready to be catapulted into the spotlight..!!

Looking for needle in a haystack

Finding this sort of unknown raw talent is like looking for needle in a haystack and one that I am excited to take on.

A challenge like this just makes it more exciting to pursue and one that I see as the most rewarding once they are found.

Thanks again for reading.



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If some part of the artists are joining, it is just a matter of time when singers join too. They operate in the same groups and talk to each other. I guess we, as artists need to promote steemit to other artists too. I know some singers, and will say them to join Need more good feedbacks from ourselves.

You are right sir that bringing Singers and Musicians to the Community makes it more popular. Steemit has many famous Bloggers, Photographers and Artists but need some famous Singers, Musicians, Finally some movie stars. Your esteem talent hunt program is really effective as recently we get some famous singers in our community. Keep up your great job sir.

Singers i think, suppose it is more about writing, but seeing we have dtube etc, they should understand soon that their content is welcome here too

You are right my friend. Singers make steemit more popular and full of entertainment.

yes it is a big challenge but the way you are working sir, it will be hard, keep promoting and inviting more and more people and i have the suggestion also show them the reward musicians are getting here from d-tube, d-live and d-sound, I know two wonderful musicians here. one is @edprivat and other is @davidfar. if you have time visit their profile and see how sound is adding value to their steemit journey.

Yes this will make high impact on community. If you posted this post on twitter i am going to sending tou list of some singers to send invitation to join steemit. Please check your twitter comments

Nothing is impossible my friend and if you keep trying, success will be yours. just keep working hard and leave rest to God, because God is a good planner and he knows how and when to provide you the best for you. keep faith in him!

Retweet, comment, like done sir. @stephenkendal


That is very true, we can convince them only when we show them how Blockchain can change the music industry...Every music can be assigned a unique Id on the Blockchain network's ledger that can't be altered, the right people will always be rewarded for the content they have created and rightfully own

I think we should add some singer also with some actors. And humbley force them to join steemit. Steemians need some entertainment and joy. So it is necessory to join some singers and actors on steemit.

Shared on twitter. Stephen

#Promo-Steem #steemtalent #JoinSteemit

I think the biggest challenge we will have is bringing Singers and Musicians to the Community. Reaching out for more Singers to come and join the Steemit Community. #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit

#Singer #Musician #Music #Songwriter #Artist



@stephenkendal it takes great selfless at like yours to do this job #steemtalenthunt, i must commend your effort and give kudos to your strength, just keep up the good work sir..

Influentials from every field will help grow Steemit.com at a rapid pace.

Yeah it is hard to find singers and musicians in twitter but it is not impossible.
We will also try to find some singers and musicians on twitter and will let you know about them.
The #steemtalent is working his way in to twitter and while you are supporting us we can do anything there is to, to find talent out there.

Thank you sir @stephenkendal for letting us know

@stephenkendal wow, this is great idea! i don't think i have seen any musicians here as yet.

I am a Musician, been playing 12 years on voilin, learn to play piano on my own and i love singing. I don't really have right tools as yet (such as microphone) but taking in consideration opportunities out there, i may invest in it! 2 weeks ago i got a piano which i am very pleased about, as missed playing a lot.

I will share my piece of 'art' at some point. great initiative. it will be also great to find other good musicians, too.

even better idea to do it on steemit, as on other portals you have to have so many subcribers to be noticed and it is really hard to start.

thank you in the name of all music lovers!