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In a few colleges, the expression "conference" alludes particularly to the sum of the graduated class of a school which works as one of the college's agent bodies. Because of its excessive size, the Convocation will choose a standing board of trustees, which is in charge of making portrayals concerning the perspectives of the graduated class to the college organization. The assembly likewise, in any case, can hold general gatherings, at which any former student can go to. The principle capacity of the conference is to speak to the perspectives of the graduated class to the college organization, to support co-task among graduated class, particularly with respect to gifts, and to choose individuals from the college's administering body (referred to differently as the Senate, Council, Board, and so forth., contingent upon the specific establishment, however fundamentally proportional to a governing body of an enterprise). What might as well be called the Convocation in the Scottish college framework is the General Council.


In the University of Oxford, Convocation was initially the fundamental overseeing body of the college, comprising all things considered and bosses of the college, however it currently involves all alumni of the college and its solitary residual capacity is to choose the Chancellor of the University and the Professor of Poetry.(The equal body at Cambridge is the Senate.

At Durham University, Convocation comprises of the considerable number of alumni of the college alongside the Chancellor, Vice,- Chancellor, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, the heads of schools, and all teachers, perusers, senior speakers and instructors. It has the ability to talk about and make portrayals on "any issue at all identifying with the University" and names the Chancellor of the University, most as of late Sir Thomas Allen on 11 October 2011. Convocation was built up by the key statue of the college in 1835 and after that comprised of MAs and specialists "of the three resources" at Oxford, Cambridge and Dublin who were individuals from the college when the statue was passed and those a while later admitted to the degrees of DD, DCL, MD or MS at Durham.[Women were admitted to Convocation from 1913


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