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RE: Steem Town Hall - Noon Eastern 16:00 UTC (3hours from now)

Thank you for the invitation!

I got an idea for the Rep System. What about creating additional Sub-Reputations where you only get Reputation if you post things in special communities. Math or Chess for instance. If you post in a Math community and get many upvotes, your Math Reputation rises.

So the people get an idea about your skills just by visiting your Profile. This could be interesting because the social factor is higher. It would be easier to find likeminded people you want to discuss with.

Also i created a Logo that i want to donate to the Hive Community. Here is a post. I would be happy if you Vote in the Poll. Maybe you even tell others in the Townhall about the logo and what they think about it. So we get a better idea of how the community likes it.


You might want to check out Domain expertise on Waivio:

For example, your expertise look like this:

steem - 7.10
steemhostiletakeover - 4.82
english - 4.82
steemit - 1.07
justinsun - 1.01
corona - 0.98
fakenews - 0.84
bullshit - 0.84
hive - 0.79
blocktrades - 0.79
logo - 0.79
contribution - 0.79
art - 0.79

and for every hashtag you can get the list of Experts. For example, here is the list of all the influencers for #steemhostiletakeover:

Nice! I definitely need to do more art postings. lol
But spamming tags doesn't make me an expert. xD

That's not the solution i was hoping for. But thanks anyway. Thats an interesting tool too.

That is an interesting idea. I like it. If we did do something like that though, I would still like to see it being done under a different algorithm.