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RE: Let's Get STEEM on Tron's Radar

in #steemtron2 years ago

Hi @ulqu3

I just replied to your comment in my recent post related to 1200 SP. Please go and check it out :)

Thank you one more time for reaching out to me. Hope you will enjoy my little support and delegation of 40 SP.

My efforts has been supported by few people and I would like to ask you to give me small favour. What favour is that? Nothing big really. Just open link below and add it to your favourites (if you don't mind).

You may wonder what the heck is that? I created this account to follow those few people who delegated Steem Power to me in the first place. Without them I would not be able to support you.

Since they are all passionate about crypto, I decided to help them get new followers and bring more engagement to their posts. So this link is nothing else but newsfeed from their accounts.

I would love to ask you if you could start building your engagement on Steemit from visiting this page and showing your support to them. Anytime you can. Just drop an upvote and some valuable comment. Those guys are really worth our time and attention (plus they are all very responsive).

Every few weeks I will be monitoring who is engaging with them most and personally I will give those people my extra attention. That's my idea. I will do my best to reward those, who are supporting those few delegators.

So it's a win-win situation for everyone. You can get some delegation and support, they will get more traffic and I'm building my influence (since I'm right in the middle of all of it).

How does it sound? :) Hope I can count on you.

Have a great day ahead,