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I like the picture at top of the post. I like your answers but for breakfast I would have smoked salmon and afterwards strawberries and cream. There won't be much fruit and cream in space.
1 = Smoked salmon & then strawberries and cream for breakfast. Lunch would be a nice juicy steak and dinner a hot curry. Not because they are all my favorite foods but in space nothing will be like those foods. I will have foods to remember over the months.
2 = Fiction I have spent too many years reading technical stuff
3 = 36 by then I have reached my full potential, fit, strong, educated, good at my job and maximum earning potential. Basically I would know who I am, what I want, and how to get it.
4 = Running - short distance, fast
5 = 80's not the 60's it wasn't as good as they suggest. The music was good in the 60's, not so good in the 80's but life was full of opportunity and positive success potential
6 = World peace would be good but, improving peoples future prospects would be good for now
7 = I have completed a lot of my bucket list. I did things without realizing it was a list but my list made later includes many of the things I have done including traveling to half the world for free. Well it seems like half the world to me but it's not
8 = Replaceable energy without pollution or working people to death to get the raw ingredients. Probably solar panels one foot square (300mm) that produce enough energy to run a home completely all day and store some energy for the nighttime.
9 = I am a bad witch, they have all the fun
10 = I would teach cooking. Not that I cook but I understand how important it is and so few learn nowadays.
11 = It has to be the Beatles, played through the radio from a pirate radio ship
12 = I would always go with James Bond, silly would never happen films, but total escapism with humor thrown in. For a book, its not new in fact its old. By Alistair Maclean HMS Ulysses. Its set in the Arctic and when reading I actually felt cold.

So that's my lot. A little long but everyone says I talk too much. Sorry!


not to long at all and very interesting answers
I didnt think of the Beatles but I think that would be a good choice


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