Eagle Spirit Visits The Junkyard ---> Automobile Photography

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If there is one thing I find super cool is visiting junkyards, especially if they have old automobiles. Most times I wish I could have a bunch of mechanic friends like I did growing up so I could tell them how I want an old car to be restored and they would happily do so. Recently, I visited a junkyard and since @steemusa is having this take some photos of anything in 'merica contest I figured I'd play along. If you are interested in joining, the original post is here.

Blue Wood.png

One man's trash is another man's treasure ~Hector Urquhart

The automobiles that caught my attention this time were old trucks, I have some happy fantasies of building my own Mad Max truck like Furiosa. Well, my mind went crazy with creative ideas on how I would rebuild these beauties. Check it out ...


Ford Tow Truck


Front End, Ford Tow Truck


Ford Emblem

The rust, dirt, and possibility that I might lose my life by stepping into some dark pit of hell in this junkyard was quite exciting. I'm not exaggerating. There were plenty of things that were questionable, including pits and holes in the ground that were boarded up. Aside from that I did sneak into the junkyard simply because the old automobiles I found reminded me of an era gone by in 'Ole America.


Hood, Ford Tow Truck


Door, Ford Tow Truck


Driver's Side, Ford Tow Truck


Hood, Ford Tow Truck


Seats, Ford Tow Truck

What amazed me the most was finding that most of the pieces were solid steel and very well made. The stories this tow truck could tell, I just felt like I wanted to take care of it and restore it back to its' original beauty -- with some grit left just for fun.


Back Window, Ford Tow Truck


Towing Mechanism, Ford Tow Truck

The whole steampunk metal, steel, and chains really got me dreaming ... I mean who doesn't love this type of art these days. I know I'm a huge fan and love anything with a mix of metal, cloth, rubber -- pretty much anything to do with industrial artistry.


Tomoco Truck


Tomoco Window

This window shot I took looked pretty cool, so I just kept taking photos from all angles to try to snap the feeling I had while looking inside. It almost felt as if I was trespassing on a grave of memories, yet also a welcome into the past.


Tomoco Cab

As I continued to walking inside this treasure trove, I found my most favorite of all trucks and in my favorite color to boot. The International ...


Grill, International Truck


Emblem, International Truck


Driver's Side, International Truck


Body, International Truck


Back End, International Truck


Passenger Side, International Truck

These trucks were in a lot located in the four corners of the United States of America, a location where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet. If you love trucks too then I hope you enjoyed reminiscing over some dear ole lovelies too. They certainly were an inspiration and joy to photograph. As a beginner in photography it's always a good idea to practice and these were my models.

As always thank you for visiting, and if you know me then you know I love community engagement. Please leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer you.



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A'OO, Eagle Spirit



That International is a beauty. I love old trucks and have a few in the back barns. Here is my 65 F100 when I picked it up, with my other old truck.


what, i love that ... are you going to restore it? or is it already restored ... how cool is that! love me some ole trucks ... if you couldn't tell by my photos. :)

For now it just hangs out in the back barn. Got a 460 Big Block from an RV I might throw in it. Right now it just has the 250 straight 6. Might get to tinker with it this winter if I get some VW's moved. LOL

back barn? you have a front barn too? dang ... you got a woman? baha
you are set up foh sho when SHTF ... thats mah VG! xo

Fantastic photos! You really found some good rusty junk!

thank you so much for your approval, its not easy for sure at the beginner level. i try and your comment made my day. i love me some good rusty junk too ... hehe

Look at you and all those cool pictures!!

ah thank you so much!! :)
i appreciate you stopping by and your comments. much love, eagle spirit

I want the International Harvester. Can you have that shipped down here to Corpus Christi with all that extra mana you got from the fork? I'd so love to have that thing as my daily driver. I'm sure I could fix it and have it running in a few weeks and then I could go on a road trip.

Sorry, that's mine man! LOL I got dibs :p
I don't think I got extra mana ... oh snaps ... Mana War!
You could fix it? Wow! I have to rethink our relationship ... heeh

Yes I could fix it. I was a mechanic for 20yrs mostly building transmissions. I used to build gas turbine engines for the army. I can fix most anything as long as I got the proper tools and maybe a manual. I just build houses cause it fun. Oh, and yes I'm a geek, I diddle in electronics also. I cook and clean too.
Stepping off the bus to go work. Have a great day.

wow, you are very handy and amazing. geek lol yes i remember your setup. :)
yay cook and clean woo hooooooo
have a lovely day! xx

That brings back memories of wandering around a junk yard with my buddy in high school. It's cool seeing some of the old stuff and wondering where it's been and who has sat in that seat!

ikr! puff puff passin? LOL
the stories those seats could tell, did you used to see trucks like these too?

Oh, goodness! I just love walking through older junk yards. Thanks for sharing.

yay, so glad you like them too.
thanks for stopping by.

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I love it, so cool visiting junk yard and places with rust and decay

yay! so happy you like it .. it was super fun and everyone was looking at me like i was daft. oh well ... we all have our happy places LOL
i heart rust and decay ... btw my friends loved your pic of the chairs in nyc lol
the darndest things right make the best pics? amazing really.

I would have been the same as you I would love to visit a place like this

LOL it always surprises me sometimes how a shot like the chairs can be more popular than what I think are better shots

i know right? i dont get it myself but the ones who looked at love art and eclectic nyc style stuff. to them that was fantastic art ... i was like hmm i like it, its cool but really? LOL
i showed them a sh-ton of your work too. i dunno that one hit them hard.

That is so interesting to note their reaction maybe I need to be looking for more like that lol

i know right? i was a little surprised but they are both particular artists LOL
raised around artists and photographers ... i'm not a pro, just a beginner sooooo

Well I to am not professional maybe a serious amateur lol

heehee wellll ... yes i can see that now ... kinda i'm not yet trained enough to know.

Now how did you make junk look so good?
I agree, The International is very handsome

not sure, yeep thats mahhh fave .. i wanna buy itbut guy prob wants $15K usa