Monday Photography Challenge - hosted by SteemUSA - #steemusaphoto

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Photography Challenge Monday

It's that time again! Monday Photography!.

Every Monday we run a photography challenge hosted by SteemUSA. Here are the specifics:

  • Anyone can participate
  • Must use the tag #steemusaphoto
  • Participants must make a post & paste the link in the comments section of this post
  • Post must link back to this original post
  • Photograph must be something to do with the USA (nature, place, etc.) - Must be Original & your own work
  • Post must contain at least a little bit about the photo (What is it? Where is it? etc.) - Even just a little blurb will do
  • Upvote this post
  • Most importantly...Have Fun!


All participants will be mentioned in a new post that will be posted tomorrow. It will include links back to each post that followed the above specifics. That means extra eyes on your post and your wonderful photograph(s). Woohoo!

One photograph will be chosen to be used as a prompt for our new Thursday Writing Challenge. That photograph & photographer, of course, will be linked back to your original post, credited, and your original post will be resteemed as well. Again, extra eyes on your post. It's also extra fun seeing what the writers on Thursday come up with just by using your photograph as a prompt for their own work.

SBI (Steem Basic Income shares) may be rewarded to select participants who are SteemUSA members.

It Begins Now.

Have fun with this, we know we will have fun reading all the submissions. Remember to check out our new Thursday Challenge as well.

Not a photographer? Check out our new Writing Challenge on Thursdays.

Every Thursday we put out a writing challenge. The challenge is to use the photo prompt provided from this challenge on that day, along with a written topic/theme mentioned and create a new written piece. It is a super fun challenge as the prompts change from week to week and the writing can be any genre/type/format of your own choosing (500 words or less). Stay tuned for Thursday's challenge.

Have Fun :)


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I have my photo and post to add today I chose the Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer Alaska. I learned a little bit of history while doing my post and will learn a little bit more this winter.

Here is the picture I chose:

Great shot and post! Thanks for that.

See the underbelly of Santa Monica pier. Here is my entry:

A very nice shot. Looks like mr seagull is about to get splashed.

That technique is so cool!

Thanks - it's a lot of fun too!

hello there, here is my entry and i kinda did a double one LOL
monochrome monday/steemusaphoto ... is there any way i can get a bigger steemusa footer with my name? mine is dinky :(

Chandelier Monochrome Monday.jpg

Very cool choice of picture. Not sure why your footer would be small as they are all the same size. Was it saved correctly? Reach out to @topkpop on discord and she will see if she can figure it out.

thank you so much! not sure but my footer is very small. kk re Top