RECAP of Submissions for Monday's Photography Challenge

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RECAP: Photography Challenge Monday

We had some amazing submissions again this week for our Photography Challenge that happened on Monday. Check them out for yourselves.

Challenge Submissions:

Here come the waves! by @denisechipsMona Lisa by @mikeycolon

A Salty History by @bashadowChandelier by @eaglespirit
nikonD7500-11_13_17-16-06 salty dawg.jpgQmShVFwoZUC7YGsK38BRrHFWS1KQHKVzRSR86dSW77NXo2.jpeg

What was your favorite submission this week?

Not a photographer? Check out our new Writing Challenge on Thursdays.

Every Thursday we put out a writing challenge. The challenge is to use the photo prompt provided from this challenge on that day, along with a written topic/theme mentioned and create a new written piece. It is a super fun challenge as the prompts change from week to week and the writing can be any genre/type/format of your own choosing (500 words or less). Stay tuned for Thursday's challenge.

Thanks to all of the participants!

The Monday Photography Challenge will be back again next week! Keep an eye out for our new Thursday Writing Challenge too.


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All are lovely photos!