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Writing Challenge Thursday

Welcome to one of our new SteemUSA Challenges.

Every Thursday we will be running a writing challenge hosted by SteemUSA. Here are the specifics:

  • Anyone can participate
  • Must use the tag #steemusawrite
  • Participants must make a post & paste link in the comments section of this post
  • Post must link back to this original post
  • 500 words or less (any type/format/genre of writing as long as it's original and yours)
  • Must use prompt (and accompanying theme/topic mentioned) somewhere in the writing piece
  • Can be posted anytime today, or before the recap post goes out tomorrow.
  • Upvote this post
  • Most importantly...Have Fun!

Today's Prompt: Beautiful USA


Original Photo by @wandrnrose7 - See Original post - here


All participants will be mentioned in a new post that will be posted tomorrow. It will include links back to each post that followed the above specifics. That means extra eyes on your post. Woohoo!

SBI (Steem Basic Income shares) may be rewarded to select participants who are SteemUSA members.

It Begins Now.

Have fun with this, we know we will have fun reading all the submissions. Remember to check out our new Monday Challenge as well.

Not a writer? Check out our new Photography Challenge on Mondays.

Every Monday we put out a photography challenge. The photographs are to show the world something involving the USA. It could be a place, a thing, nature, etc, as long as it has to do with the USA. One photograph from Monday will also be used in the next Thursday Writing Challenge as the prompt. Stay tuned for Monday's challenge.

Have Fun :)


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Here is why I think the USA is beautiful, and why "It's Good to Get Away and It's Good to Come Back Home"
anna swing.jpg

Fantastic submission and the picture to go along with it complemented it nicely. Thanks for taking part :)

This is great! Too many posts on my to do list already, but how about a flash poem comment to show my love?

Beautiful USA

You call to me,
Invite adventures
On endless roads
Through mountains
Over hills
Across plains
Along rivers
Embraced by oceans
That stretch to connect
This wide, beautiful world
That holds us all.

Very nice. I couldn't add it in the recap post because it wasn't a stand alone post, but it was very nice to read.