What adds value to Steem?

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This is my answer to @timcliff's open letter: https://steemit.com/steemvalue/@timcliff/open-letter-to-steem-stakeholders-what-adds-value-to-steem

  1. What types of contributions do you consider adding value?
    a. For content creators: create interesting and useful contents; avoid polluting the blockchain with useless info; label content correctly.
    b. For whales: use their SP responsibly (only vote quality contents, delegate SP to support developers); promote steem in main stream media; push more exchanges to list steem and SBD.
    c. For programmers: make new user creation easier and instant, for example by sharing posting permission of some existing account to avoid creation fees; create twitter-like streaming by searching; create better mobile app.
  2. What types of things will you upvote/reward?
    Interesting, useful, high quality post that I can learn something from.
  3. What types of things will you downvote?
    Offensive, misleading, time-wasting post.
  4. What types of projects will you consider delegating SP to?
    beneficial and useful tools.

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