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RE: Steemvoter Guild: "Nominate-a-Friend" for the Guild Vote (Tuesday July 18)

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I nominate @susanlo for her travel blog in London about Hyde Park. It is well written with great detail. By the way, she is a cute teenage girl, please support the younger Steemians. Thank you for your upvote


Congrats, your nomination was selected for the guild vote! Their post should be voted on by our guild within the hour.

hello @steemvoter, seems that two hours have passed, is there any problem? If yes, please do let me know:):) thanks!!

Thanks soo much for nominating me!! I'll work harder and share more quality posts !! :))

Go Susan!

Thank you soooo much >v<

That's a really well-written post! Hope that you can win!

Thanks veryyyy much for your support!! I'm glad to know you like my post TT

Thanks soo much for supporting me!! I'll do better in the future and continue to share great stories to you :):) Cheers!!

vote me and follow me please

Thanks, voted and followed

100% support!

Thanks veryyy much !!! I'll work harder in the future :):)

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