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RE: Steemvoter Guild: "Nominate-a-Friend" for the Guild Vote (Tuesday July 18)

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Hello @steemvoter. Is it not so good for the winners to use bot services like @booster @randowhale and @minnowsupport for the contest? It just violates the whole spirit. Would it be better to disqualify them or do not count the bot votes?

If anyone agrees, please upvote this comment to let more people see


Yes, I have complained this issue already, but seems that no action has been taken so far.

Currently the major problems are: The use of bots to vote and whales are dominating the game

I strongly recommend the team to disqualify anyone who use bots and use the number of votes count instead of post value

Getting trail votes are much easier than getting post with high dollar Vote count can also be bought or rigged

That's correct, outlawing bots means we have to outlaw trails and that is not easy to detect or enforce.

Thanks :)

same here, I joined these competition twice and I lost with 30 "real upvotes". Have steemvoter considers count fro the "real " quantity instead of the "fake " quantity and value? If you truly wanna help the minnow, it doesn't make sense to count the value of the comments, the winner always just won by one or two single vote by a whale together with those bot votes.

Hi please see below comment, also we are starting to limit the winners, if they are winning regularly we are picking the next closest winner.

Hi, thanks for your input, we are not particularly fans of winners using upvote bots ourselves, but we also have to be careful that we don't outlaw something we can't enforce effectively. There are new bots coming out all the time, some are stealth and don't leave a message so we may not be detect they are bots and then there will be bigger arguements. Sometimes it's better to have a freemarket approach, the greater Steemit allows upvote bots so we should probably also allow it as we are a microcosm of the overall community.

i agree @steemvoter...

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How about you take sometime to actually review the posts and vote on the one you think is worthy?

I totally agree with your opinion.
Great,you have claimed against this.