Steemvoter review

in #steemvoter4 years ago

Recently I tried using steemvoter for those new comers, this is a site in which you will add the writers that you like to upvote them in advance and the site will do the upvoting for you when ever you are away and when ever they do post and at the time you specifies in the site. Means, you can schedule the upvote to be done at 15 minutes of the post age, or at 27 min. and so on. I have to say its good site and do good work to upvote the writers that I want to upvote to .

BUT just found that this site though do my work but not at the time that I picked.Noticed that it delays my upvote which I wanted to be done at 27 min, to be done at 32 min. that is not how I want to voting.

So I have to say that, If you have strategy to upvote in specific times, then steemvoter is not the tool.
It is great in doing upvote when your away, thats it


Hope any body of the new member will be careful about it

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