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RE: Introducing a brand new Steemvoter!

in #steemvoter3 years ago

What a great looking interface with a heap of new features. The original Steemvoter has been a staple for many users of Steem and I am sure the new Steemvoter will only build upon those fantastic features. Thanks @buildteam and @steemvoter


Thanks for your support and I hope this new version will work out well for you!

Hello @cryptoMancer, I posted this to the #general board of BuildTeam’s Discord:

Hi furious-one, I see on the BuildTeam’s Team page that you are not @cryptoMancer. I had some Steemit comment discussions with @cryptoMancer last year, since he and I are both programmers.

My question is could your programming team provide a feature for us to archive our individual Steemit activity including comments? I have so much valuable effort invested in that data and I would hate to lose it if ever Steem failed (which I think is eventually likely btw).

I would pay a monthly fee to have my individual activity backed up and available for me to download as a .zip file when ever I want.

If you guys won’t create it, I might have to look into creating myself. But I would much rather you all do it, since you’re specializing in Steem/EOS. Also I would want to collaborate in some future on being able to export such Steem activity to new platforms that might become available (e.g. EOS and perhaps the one I am working on).

Could you forward my message to @cryptoMancer? He can[may] reply to me via email if he wants: [email protected]