PSA: Steemvoter Services Shutting Down

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The Steemvoter automation service is one of the oldest active projects on the Steem blockchain, since mid-2016. It is with great sadness that BuildTeam hereby announces that due to the political and network instability on Steem, this service is being shut down with immediate effect.

This termination of service affects both the and web apps.

We thank our customers for many years of loyal patronage and recommend reading up on literature regarding the recent HF23 on the Steem Network, we have enclosed several links below for your perusal.

1. Decrypt Article

2. Legal Letter to Exchanges

3. Code Repo

4. Calculation of Steem Seized


If you are going to shut down, then let us know about any new steemvoter so that we can vote further on the steemit, please do not keep a sense of revenge in it because we have no fault in your differences sir

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I've been using Steemvoter since October 2016. A great service which has earned me lots of SP through well-timed autovotes. Thank you.

Thank you for the info.
Will you be running a similar project on Hive??
I used Steemvoter, and loved it!!

What alternatives are there?

you shutdown service due to revenge

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