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We have an important and exciting announcement to make today! Effective immediately, the teams behind Steemvoter and MinnowBooster are merging together to create one single unified business structure, which we call the Build Team.

Practically speaking, this means that both projects will be operated by the same people going forward, leveraging synergies & sharing resources between the two to allow for an overall better user experience. Steemvoter is a useful tool for improving curation abilities, while MinnowBooster functions both as an upvote bot for hire and a marketplace for renting delegated Steem Power that takes your voting clout to a whole new level. Taken together, they are two sides of the same coin, a veritable Swiss Army knife of tools to give any Steemit user (not only minnows) a welcome boost on their way to success.

So how does this affect me?

For the most part it won't, at least not right away. Ordinary users can keep right on using both Steemvoter and MinnowBooster. You probably won't even notice there's been a change in the management structure unless you are reading this post.

But there is one highly visible immediate impact:

A new tech support model

Steemvoter support has been migrated to the MinnowBooster Discord Chat. Discord is similar to Steemit Chat, with several different chat channels covering various topics of discussion. But we believe it's a superior system, less buggy and with a rock solid mobile app for getting help on the go. We look forward to seeing you on Discord in the new steemvoter-support channel!

Also, there are several other channels such as general for discussing anything related to Steemvoter & MinnowBooster, and mb-support for getting help with MinnowBooster specific issues. You can think of Discord as a new place to hang out and interact with a community of fellow Steemvoter & MinnowBooster users. Don't just use it for tech support; pop in and say "hi" whenever the urge strikes you!


Note: the old channel on Steemit Chat will stick around for a few more days to allow for a smooth transition, but after that it will be closed. So we urge everyone to migrate to Discord at their earliest convenience.

Self payment votes

Another immediate impact is in the way our revenue model operates. Steemvoter users will be familiar with these snippets from the Terms of Service that every new user agrees to upon signing up:

STEEMVOTER uses customer votes as payment for “FREE SERVICES” by way of 1 (one) vote per day or a maximum of 7 (seven) votes per week. By subscribing to our services, customers nominate STEEMVOTER as duly authorized, limited proxy and cede the aforementioned vote(s) to STEEMVOTER to be used in accordance to the payment terms.

STEEMVOTER can use the payment votes in any way, shape or form; typically, but not limited to being used to upvote @steemvoter or associated company accounts.

Up to now, we have mainly been doing self votes on @steemvoter posts by convention. But now that both products are operating as part of a single business, we will also be using these votes on @minnowbooster update posts, and possibly other team related accounts from time to time. There is no change to the Terms of Service; this is merely a different way of exercising the rights expressed above, and we're mentioning it here in the interest of transparency.

Introducing the Build Team!

Our expanded business now has an expanded team as well. Here's a list of the movers & shakers that put in a lot of hard work to keep things operating behind the scenes:

@thecryptodrive - CEO of the Build Team

Our CEO is a Steem blockchain serial entrepreneur, with nearly a year under his belt as the first Steem witness in Africa. His diverse real-world experience in property, finance and business management serves him well in spotting new business opportunities on the Steem blockchain and putting together teams to capitalize on them.

@thecryptodrive is the idea man; he handles all the business related aspects of Steemvoter and MinnowBooster, smoothly charting a path forward through the minefield of Steemit politics so our tech people can focus on doing what they do best.

He has been involved in numerous other Steem related projects, including founding the @steemdrive billboard campaign and @steemsports, which currently has a team of writers and developers working to create an alternate front-end for the Steem blockchain with a global sports community appeal. He was also one of the first thought leaders around Delegation Lending over eight months ago, going on to develop a practical business model for the @minnowbooster Delegation Leasing Market (DLM).

@cryptomancer - CTO of

@cryptomancer is from Issaquah, a small town near Seattle in the United States. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2003 with a B.S. in computer science and a minor in mathematics. Seeking adventure, he immediately moved to Japan, and has been living with his wife & daughter in Tokyo ever since.

His day job: a software developer for a big global investment bank. But his real passion is cryptocurrency investing, through which he hopes to escape the rat race and secure a life of freedom for himself & his family. He joined Steemit in August 2016, looking at the platform as a promising new investment for his portfolio.

In addition to serving on the Build Team as the Steemvoter technical expert, he is also a major crownholder in the VIVA project headed by @williambanks. He has been providing early liquidity on VIVA's new TradeQwik exchange and helped draft the VIVA whitepaper.

@reggaemuffin - CTO of

Our main developer & technical expert for MinnowBooster, @reggaemuffin is a German student of Computer Science who is passionate about approaching the Steem ecosystem from a social perspective. He wants to support the good work other users are doing and help onboard as many new users as possible.

His many Steem based projects certainly align with the above goals. In addition to running his own witness node, he manages @welcomebot which greets & provides helpful resources to new users, built the current version of, and serves as the CTO of @steemsports.

@reggaemuffin brings a lot of dev talent to the table. He is proficient in many programming languages including Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, and Ruby, to name a few. A potent mix for tackling the challenges of the blockchain.

@coinhawk - system design consultant

@coinhawk is advising us on a number of matters, utilizing his vast financial trading & business experience. He was a restaurant General Manager for over 12 years, overseeing 7 successful new store openings during that time, and is now a Regional Manager. He also spent the last 5 years developing , a unique auction platform for cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

He specializes in data analysis, project management, business management, website development, and consumer trends.

@tech-trends - moderator for Steemvoter support chat

You'll find @tech-trends hanging around the steemvoter-support channel in Discord. Always eager to help out and answer any Steemvoter questions you may have, he enjoys keeping people updated with the latest trends in technology as well as helping Steemit newcomers. He has only been on Steemit for barely a month himself, but has already earned a solid reputation as an outgoing people person in the community.

We also have a few more staff who wished not to be listed here, but you might have a chance to meet them if you stop by the MinnowBooster Discord Chat!

The future's so bright, you gotta wear shades!


With both Steemvoter and MinnowBooster brought together under the management of the Build Team, we hope to be able to better serve our customers and make using both products a more pleasurable experience. To all our loyal veteran users: thanks so much for your continued support, you guys make all the hard work worthwhile! And to all our new users, discovering our services for the first time: welcome aboard & we hope you enjoy the ride!

So come along with us, onward & upward, as we work toward empowering Steemians everywhere to realize their full potential.

3... 2... 1... blast off!

What is Steemvoter?

Steemvoter is an automatic voting service that votes on your behalf according to rules you set. You can control who the service votes on, how much voting power is used, and when to vote. Steemvoter will work for you 24 hours a day, so you never miss voting on your favorite authors! Sign up for free at

Steemvoter review & introduction:

What is MinnowBooster?

MinnowBooster is a collection of tools for boosting your voting. It currently includes:

1. An upvote bot that offers a predictable upvote return in proportion to your spending.
2. A Delegation Leasing Market (DLM) where Steemians can rent Steem Power on a weekly basis from investors who have extra Steem Power they are looking to make passive income from.

Check it out today at

The DLM is the first of its kind on Steemit. Demand from renters has been so high we are having trouble keeping all the delegation orders filled. We are actively seeking new investors who wish to participate in this brand new market. If the idea of a risk free return of 40% APR compounded daily on your spare Steem Power sounds exciting, then head on down to the DLM and start filling some orders right this very minute:

For an idea of potential returns, here is how much @cryptomancer made yesterday from his DLM investments:


That's some pretty decent passive income, no? If you'd like to get started with DLM investing, check out this post for more details:

Latest MinnowBooster update post:

MinnowBooster introduction (this is only an overview, some details of the service have since changed, see update post above):


Image credits: graphics in this post include screen shots from @cryptomancer's desktop PC and sun clip art taken from Pixabay, which is used under Creative Commons CC0.
Steemvoter and MinnowBooster logos courtesy of the Build Team. MinnowBooster footer banner created by @ryivhnn. Team bio photos were provided by each respective team member and are used with permission.


Up to now, we have mainly been doing self votes on @steemvoter posts by convention. But now that both products are operating as part of a single business, we will also be using these votes on @minnowbooster update posts, and possibly other team related accounts from time to time.

Why? You have a revenue model for your "businesses," so why do you need to continue socializing the costs by taking from the reward pool that is meant for content creators?

If people do not want to pay for your services, then that is a sign that the business is not viable. Relying on self-voted posts with the stake of every person who is signed up for your services is not a revenue model. You offer premium services for a price. If you are not making enough money from that, then you need to re-work your business model, not post more often so that you can #rewardpoolrape with more accounts.

I do not understand why so many people like this? They are openly advertising that they are going to fakeupvote your post if you pay them?

Well, I assume it's the same reason BookingTeam's daily link spam for $1000's of the reward pool also gets ton of upvotes. People are idiots and just upvote anything with a lot of votes.

they do staff just for $ :(

maybe you just translate with google :D

it is not fake voting it is steemit

Yes you are %100 right!

noinonononono!!!!! 50% damn rigth

And add to that, their moderator is blacklisted by cheetah.

Instant upvote your totally right !
They Took Our Jobs !

haha, thats funny

I was not aware of this, very good inquisitive information and I'm going to look more into this myself to be prepared

If people do not want to pay for your services, then that is a sign that the business is not viable. Relying on self-voted posts with the stake of every person who is signed up for your services is not a revenue model. You offer premium services for a price. If you are not making enough money from that, then you need to re-work your business model, not post more often so that you can #rewardpoolrape with more accounts.

Hello, Interesting post. I'm @evgenya86, nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my blog, I will follow your account and vote, please follow me and vote ... Good luck in everything :)

Can't really say that I like the sound of this. Content should be voted for based on it's quality, not because it was boosted by a voting group.

love it , the word

Actually, now that I think about it, I find this amalgamation disturbing. Too much power being put in the hands of one group is never a good thing. Those who don't share the ideals of that group, or who refuse to join it, will now be hammered twice as hard as they were before. Bad news for newbies.

$600 for this? You've got to be shitting me.

$10 for this comment? You've got to be pissing me.

You're right, it doesn't deserve that either.

as long as it stays in the pool and don't get cashed's gonna come around. is good for steemit is good for u! coins crash when everybody pulls out especially like big pinocchio type of whale like @steemvoter ;)

I will power it up, don't worry.

one single unified business structure

Sounds scary

Hello Mr. @steemvoter this amazing revolution in steem voter, Iam gladly to join it. I hope steemvoter always be good site for all steemians. I have resteem it and upvoted your blog sir. If you free I have latest post about travel in Aceh. Your coming very appreciate for me sir.

Thanks very much for your support and the resteem! We hope you enjoy using our services and look forward to what the future holds.

Ofcourse sir.
I love steemvoter.
If I got $100 SBD a month I will register to premium.
Honestly Iam very happy to join steemvoter.

please follow me then i will also back follow you

Go Team Builder. Sounds great. Upvoted. Resteemed.
Joey Arnold Oatmeal

Thanks a lot for your support! It means a lot to us that so many people appreciate our efforts and are able to benefit from them.

Thanks Joey that's very kind of you!

Great business move @thecryptodrive @cryptomancer @reggaemuffin.

If you guys ever need a web designer to take the web design to another level...i've work as a Senior Front-End Developer in the industry for 7+ years and love to offer my services!

As it so happens we are looking for experienced web developers to improve our sites. If you're serious about wanting to help out, send one of us ( @thecryptodrive @cryptomancer @reggaemuffin ) a private message on the MinnowBooster Discord and we can discuss further.

@cryptomancer you have an awesome t-shirt. Suits make me suspicious. Great service so far. Hope you continue to deliver!

Hehe, thanks. I was going to wear my Bitcoin Revolution shirt for that pic, but it happened to be in the wash that day. I've never felt very comfortable in a suit, although I am wearing one in my Discord profile pic.

I don't know. Seems to me people in crypto are very relaxed. Lots of beer and weed is handed around. Still, very intelligent bunch. Feels like home :)

@steemvoter @thecryptodrive @cryptomancer @reggaemuffin @coinhawk & @tech-trends

Kudos to you all.

I think this is the first time I've seen anyone actually put out such a detailed and open "Press Release" (for lack of a better term) here on Steemit.

My use of upvote bots hasn't been extensive, but so far, I have to rank @minnowbooster as the best performing in terms of predictably giving me ROI.

Keep up the good work and thank you.

You're welcome, and I'm glad you've been enjoying MinnowBooster so far! Hope our services continue to work well for you.

Thanks a lot for supporting US

Great endeavor!

Followed and entered guild )

I'll admit I am very confused by the details, @minnowbooster, but it is mainly because I am trying to rush through this while at work. Perhaps I should take my time viewing at home. At any rate, thank you for the service. I truly appreciate the boost.


i use steemvoter and i like it so much thank you for sharing this great info
Upvoted & Followed

Steemvoter is essential for my strategy. I can't be sitting in front of the monitor 24/7 waiting for my buddies to post something. Steemvoter upvotes them and later when I have the time I go back read their posts and comment. Not sure what the consolidation will minnowbooster will affect as far as Steemvoter is concerned. But, "If it ain't broken don't fix it." And Steemvoter is a hit.

Steem on friend! Glad to have you using our service!

Yes , i promoted this service in my youtube channel and facebook steemit group:)
this is very helpful tool , thank you so much for this great creation

It would be good news for newbies.

It is good news for newbies :)

This is really impressive. I am already gone for the DLM and so far its working pretty great fot me. I would definitely do more investing with this new system in the future. I am glad there are people out there who are doing amazing things to help grow this community.

The DLM is a really innovative new system. I've had a very positive experience so far as an investor. I wonder what the 60+ people who are using my SP are doing with it... I just hope we can attract enough investors to satisfy the early demand from renters / leasers which has been huge!

This just keeps on getting more and more promising! Thanks for the efforts and update :)

@steemvoter that is such agreat news. Am so excited as i was elected as runnerup for one of the contests of steemvoter. Am looking forward to be the winner one day and that will boost my growth on this platform. Am very very thankfull to @steemvoter and @minnowsuppport as i send them some SBD and then they vote for your post in return that also helps to grow here. @naseerbhat

Minnowbooster has only been around for a month but is still more advance in terms of technology when compared to other upvote bots. Maybe in the future Build Team could merge steemvoter's premium service with some added upvotes by minnowbooster.

We will take that under advisement :) and thanks for the compliments.

From the replies it seems it is great thing for the users. i am a newbie so dont understand this thing clearly anyway , but still support all the efforts of steemit team in providing great service. So a small thank you from me

Welcome new sir, we hope you will enjoy Steem and be very successful.

Thanks a lot for making me welcome here

that is really good thing is going to see, as i use both services that steemvoter and minnow booster because as i new i have only support of it because even post is interesting and good quality till not get more then 10 votes so hope this will good too. best of luck for it and keep going, resteemed and upvoted.

motivating the budding bloggers,,it's if like it follow me please!!

This is an amazing news. These two services already owning the steemit and now their collaboration should be bombastic. With their merger, I would recommend @minnowbooster to increase it's upvote percentage per post. Because for many days, I am experiencing very lows upvotes on posts which is actually not that great. For the occassion of their collaboration, this should be done. I request @minnowbooster and @steemvoter to give a thought to this point. Thanks for everything guys.

Thanks for your feedback. We think there is room for improvement with @minnowbooster's bot service, and are experimenting with some changes that should offer better performance. Keep an eye out for @minnowbooster update posts which will be coming frequently as the service matures.

Hi lovely people.. I'm interested in signup by i can't. There is a problem because say that my user account must be with more than 8 words and my user has 7 (LEOTRAP) even try using the @ and just cant change that, even sign up. Can somebody tell me to where can I write for help? Thanks and Peace!

@cryptomancer has replied to you via Steemit Chat.

Going there..thanks

This is really a great platform for the minnows. New users really find it more useful. I like the idea of renting delegated SteeM Power to the users.IT gives us a great boost.

excellent post and exciting new for all steeminas. I'm glad I joined as all I see if improvement and this steemvoter will make a more smoother and easier interface. Its a good time to be part of the steem community, resteemed and upvoted, have a great day

Thank you very much for the information you provide.
So I know every development that is in the world of steemit.
Hopefully with this development can make it easier for us all in steemit.
I am very supportive of the innovations that you create.
Hopefully with this cooperation, will make it easier for the steemers around the world to publish his work.
I'm @aroyl will wait for further information developments.

its very good for newbies like me... were seeing f
great future ahead of us... it is so uplifting that you want to continue in this venture....

im so excited for what ahead of us...

Thsi sounds awesome, it will make it so much easier for STEEMIANS to get started! Thanks guys! 🙌🏼

Wow!! Awesome job! Thank you very much to Create "BUILD TEAM" community. It will be very helpful for all steeminas. What a great Idea to bring up all steemians at "One Platform" to get support and grow together. I salute all the developers of "Buid Team" for the great efforts.
Best of Luck.

Thanks very much, I like to see this kind of enthusiasm for our efforts! Hope our service is working out well for you.

Thank you for sharing such a good news to us since steemvoter and minnowbooster ate both useful tools in steemit.I always use those tools to manage my steemit account.When both of them joined together, it will form a bigger and bigger structure and there are more resource to have some implementations of function.I am looking forward to seeing you.

Well this is e BRILLIANT idea for those Steemians who's busy at work i will try to enlighten my fellow community members with your program. Keep up the good work i'll be supporting it with team Philippines.

Great idea. @thecryptodrive is a nice man who likes to help at every step. It is good to have people join forces together to promote steem. I wish this project a success. All the actors here are extremely talented and qualified to make a mark. WELLDONE TEAM

Upvoted and resteemed, cyptomancers shirt sold me.

Haha, I guess it's my lucky shirt, I should wear it more often!

So how does this affect me?
For the most part it won't, at least not right away. Ordinary users can keep right on using both Steemvoter and MinnowBooster. You probably won't even notice there's been a change in the management structure unless you are reading this post.

This is great

I don't really know how I feel about this. In the perspective of a average member of the steemit community, it doesn't seem like good thing for a small group to have so much power, but in a business perspective it is absolutely genius.

We take the trust of our users very seriously. If we were to abuse that trust by acting outside the Terms of Service by which we are bound, we would lose our users and not be able to remain in business long. The open nature of Steemit and the fact that all of our business accounts & activities can be easily monitored is another check that keeps us honest. We are strongly incentivized to align our interests with those of the community as a whole.

wawo thats great , plz increased booster limit

I gotta take a look at these tools... I have no clue what I'm doing!!

I disagree with notion that it takes away from the reward pool and damages the steem network as whole , this is nothing more than a marketplace , if people offering and delegating their SP , agree with the idea that be used to reward the service , i dont see any problem

It will take from the reward pool just the same amount , whether is used to vote steemvoter content or no

Also i would like to say i really like the project , the real time market is really a cool concept and it certainly and would like to join as developer

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by upgoat-me from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, theprophet0, and someguy123. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows and creating a social network. Please find us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

If you like what we're doing please upvote this comment so we can continue to build the community account that's supporting all members.

This is Epic News!! Way to go guys!!

That's seems so good, Thanks for all of this people, They believe in steem and this what we should do in here @steemvoter

Glad you are a believer, we will build and prosper!

Cheers! Go Steemit!


hi, friend. Thank you for voting.
Good luck to you and family.

If I vote another persons blog I can get Steem? Or I need to get vote?

You earn curation rewards for voting other people's blogs yes.

Refund: A few days ago. I sent 1 SBD for delegated steem. I did not get it. Can someone please help me with a refund? Your project is awesome!

Ah that's probably why, you pay in Steem for delegated SP, the SBD pays for the upvotebot. Can I ask you to go to our support channel and contact @reggaemuffin.

Im very excited for steemit. We are getting better.

The future is very bright!!


Good news!

awesome , upvote , resteem

hello, like and voted

Excellent! I use both of these great services, glad to see them joining forces for what looks to be a great move for all!

Brilliant thanks for your patronage.

I belief in steemvoter.

I gotta take a look at these tools... I have no clue what I'm doing!!

I'm new to Steem. With my small voting power, does it make sense to join this program?

You won't see much impact at first from Steemvoter, but even with low Steem Power curation rewards will be noticeably improved if you have your rules set right. If you'd like an immediate boost to your manual voting power, renting delegated SP through MinnowBooster's DLM might be a good option.

Hey @steemvoter, this is fantastic news and I wish you all great success with it and it will help alot of us here. Definitely upvoted resteemed and commented.

Much appreciated.

Hey @steemvoter, I tried signing up for steemvoter but it froze just at the time I was waiting for my pin and my account confirmation. Any suggestions?

Join the MinnowBooster Discord as mentioned in the post, and send me a private message with the e-mail address you used to sign up. I can check on your account status and help complete the sign up process for you.

Hi @cryptomancer, I will do as you said in an hour or two then will send you the private message. Thanks and I appreciate your help. Have a great day 👍

Definitely looking forward to this. I just used minnowbooster a day ago and it's a nifty app too boost your post and add a little oomph to it.;) Also comes with a funny upgoat for some giggles. Truly excited for the things to come. Keep it up! Keep on Steemin'! ^u^

Lol upgoats are awesome right? :)

Please preserve the upgoats.. They cheer me up a lot. :D

HI @thecryptodrive, @cryptomancer, @reggaemuffin, @coinhawk, @tech-trends! You — well done! I never thought, that it is possible to combine two different projects into one!!

@reggaemuffin looks handsome in real person, lol.

great job this will really very effective and total game changing for all minnows who will join it.

Great news and great team. I am confident that they will help us a lot. For the overall progress of this community they are a blessing.

This is going to be amazing!

This is great news, I am in love with MinnowBooster, it is one of the best things that happened to Steemit.

Long live Steemvoter and MinnowBooster.

Hopin this will help me as I need help badly.

great to see people working together

Your post really excites me and makes me think of the future of steemit, in general. How do I join steemvoter?

Nice combination of 2 different services. Although I haven't used either of the services I see a huge impact to the community from you. Keep it up.

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10 days and I am still not understanding crap of it! I am following the basic methods to increase my followers but the votes on my posts are very low!
I attempted a few a posts none of which did well! Do look at my recent ones and leave me a feedback on what needs to be changed!
btw heyy, do check out my latest posts,
Personal Life shares:
Beautiful Mountain ranges nearby my house:


The best way - the VERY best way - to gain more followers is by finding other people's posts which you are interested in, and making a good & relevant comment - a comment which adds something to the conversation.

Beyond that, pick one topic that you know a lot about - whatever that may be - and write a blog about it. Not every day, but once or twice a week. Also, pick the RIGHT TAGS for your blog. "Life" is always a good one.

Join groups. Minnowsupport, whalepower, steemsilvergold, steemvoter, etc. Learn what these groups do, make friends, learn how to best use their curation services to maximize your own posts.

It takes time to build a following. Don't expect everyone to come to you. You have to put in the work, do the "daily grind" that it takes to build a real following. Expect little for the first month. After that, you should start to see some more followers and better results.

This is very exciting. I'll resteem this so 1-2 more ppl will see this :)

Thank you so much @steemvoter.
kalian the stemit

i think Fake votes is worthless ... you need real and strong base votes to rise up..

Hi i upvoted and resteem these is wonderfull post

In everyones opinion how helpful and

Good job, very interesting

Steemvoter and MinnowBooster are merging together to create one single unified business structure, which we call the Build Team. Really awesome idea for merging these two different extened steem power. It can make a new level of blogs to give them power of upvotes and boost in a easier way.